Channel 4 '100 Greatest Sexy Moments'

Did any GB Dopers see Channel 4’s ‘100 Greatest Sexy Moments’ 4 hour extravaganza last night???

Voted number 1 was Ursula Andress emerging from the sea in ‘Dr. No’.

Say what now???

No mention of ‘The Story of O’.

No mention of ‘Faster Pussycat Kill Kill’.

‘Last Tango in Paris’ came a pitiful 45th.

‘Ai No Corrida’ was a mere 28th.

So incensed was I by the voting (which was clearly done by people whose idea of ‘kink’ is doing it with the lights on), that I felt it necessary to register my disgust on the internet forthwith.

The full list is avaliable at

What do you think?

p.s. I did do a search - if someone has already posted this, please accept my apologies. I’m new- please be kind :slight_smile:

Well, that is a pretty dumb list (surprise, surprise)

No mention of the barn scene in Witness, the museum in Dressed To Kill? Maybe they ought to rename it “100 sexiest moments in movies (except movies which are sexy)”

Hell, I’m surprised the father/sons friend in Happiness didn’t make the list :wink:

A lot of it seemed to be crap 70s stuff that might has well have been porn.

*as well.

All lists of this nature are dumb. Part of the point of them is to spark outraged discussion and, for that reason, I love them whether I agree with them or not.

As for this specific list, I agree with some choices such as Don’t Look Now, Blow Up, Out of Sight and Bitter Moon (thank god I’m not the only one who found some scenes sexy as hell before it descended into violent perversity).

Other choices boggle my mind like The Mask(!?), Trainspotting, Baywatch and Boogie Nights. Hint to the editors: Just because a scene contains sex and/or nudity it doesn’t necessarily mean that a scene is sexy. Baywatch is nothing but a repetitious jiggle-fest and, in Boogie Nights, the sex is little more than a mechanical excercise engaged in by the characters to dull their emotional pain (and make a few bucks while they’re at it).

I can understand the choice of Ursula Andress for #1. After all, it’s an iconic scene that’s been copied and parodied countless times. I’m not sure I’d agree with its placement but it does deserve to be near the top.

Of course, some of my favourites have been completely omitted such as Bogie and Bacall in To Have & Have Not (You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and… blow.), Grace Kelly’s sensuous, slow motion kiss in Rear Window and the unsettling seduction of Rachel by Deckard in Blade Runner. I shouldn’t be surprised, however, juding by the choices on this list, I don’t think the writers really get subtlety.

Of course they don’t get subtlety, Hodge, they work for television.

I don’t have time to page through it, as I can’t find a one-screen list . . . Are they all post-1950, leaving out the first 50 years of movies? Including the racy, sexy, pre-Code films? If Clark Gable and Jean Harlow in Red Dust aren’t on it, those people need to be severely bitch-slapped . . .

( . . . And I’m just the bitch to do it . . .)

I just want to say that the sex scene in “Don’t Look Now” should have been in the top 10 at least. That was the only love scene I saw which managed to make me believe that the characters were really making love.