Jumped the Swordfish; list them.

I’d like to get a list going of movies that are only (or mostly) remembered for it’s nude scene. (or scenes)

I don’t necessarily mean gratuitous nudity but more like “Holy crap!! So-n-So is doing a nude scene?!”

My entry:


Wild Things

Starship Troopers

Jude (Kate Winslet)

S.O.B. (Julie Andrews)

About Schmidt (Kathy Bates)

Some of these memories were better than others.

Eastern Promises (for me, anyway…all I remember about it is the extended nude Viggo Mortensen fight in the sauna)

The Gift (Katie Holmes)

Barbarella - Although it’s a copout because there is always something obscuring Fonda whenever she appears nude.

That was going to be my suggestion because that’s literally the only reason I even know of the movie’s existence.

Broken Flowers
Alpha Dog
Conversations with Other Women
Feast of Love
Twilight (1998)
Road Trip

Well, it’s the only reason I rememeber these movies.

At Play In the Fields of The Lord. It had Tom Berenger, Kathy Bates and Daryl Hannah all in separate nude scenes. Was quite surprising.

Ecstasy Hedy Lamarr’s nude scene is the only reason it’s remembered.

Care to fill us in on who’s doing the nuding?

Seconding Justin Bailey. I’d like to know which of those serve sausage and which serve tacos…

Let’s see here:

Broken Flowers – Alexis Dziena
Alpha Dog – Olivia Wilde
Conversations with Other Women – Nora Zehetner
Feast of Love – Alexa Davalos
Twilight(1998) – Reese Witherspoon
Road Trip – Amy Smart

Leaving out the names WAS in the spirit of the OP tho…

Ah…no sausage. :frowning:

I forgot one:

Easy – Marguerite Moreau

Return of the Secaucus 7, about which I only remember that it was a funnier less pretentious forerunner of The Big Chill and the skinny-dipping scene.

Must… obtain…

I thought the point was listing movies that are notable for nude scenes and then saying who the so and so was.

How about:

The Pillow Book – Ewan McGregor

for you then?

Ooh…Ewan McGregor… :smiley: