(chant) I'm number three! I'm number three!

After a week of selling RVs, I’ve moved into the number three slot on the ‘up’ sheet. Can fame and fortune be far behind?

Meh. If you do any better, you’ll be Number Two, and that’s just nasty!

Ahhh… an expert. Does or does not Alaska have a law that says whenever an RV on it’s roads has 5 or more vehicles back up behind it and are in an area where a legal pass can be made, that said RV must pull over at the first safe opportunity and allow the vehicles behind to pass? I’m thinking I remember this but it may be after numerous trips behind Winnies down the peninsula to Homer that I just dreamed this up.

Oh, and congradulations!

That’s cool, Chefguy! Congratulations!

Just out of curiosity, how is the RV market these days? I’ve always wanted one, and will eventually buy one (probably once I’m in my 50s) but I don’t know anyone that owns one.

Keep up the good work!

Yeah but being third out of three sales people isn’t all that hot. :smiley:

I’ve always wanted one too. Can you give us some general tips about buying one? Brands you’d recommend, new vs used, acceptable miles, engine size, cabin size, features, etc?

Good job! applause, hugs Soon you’ll be number One… :slight_smile:

Does this mean that you’ve been making payments on a vehicle that you don’t own and probably will never be able to afford ~ or ~ does this mean that the life long payments on the neverending road to debt begin the moment you take delivery on a vehicle that depreciates the second you sign your name on the dotted line?
Just curious.

Congratulations Chefguy! Glad to hear it!

I luuuv RV’s, have had several, and it’s good to hear about someone knowledgeable entering the sales field. (I’m referring to your earlier thread about selling them).

BTW: I think I owe you an apology for my stern posting regarding salesmen, and what they should know about their product. I didn’t realize you were RV savvy when I answered. My bad. (but ooh the horror stories I could tell).

Well Chefguy, we’re having a sales contest this month. First prize is a fully loaded cadillac convertable. Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you’re fired.

Please tell me that there are at least 4 sales people on the team…

Sorry: I let this slip without answering questions. My only excuse is 12-hour days.

lieu: Yes, there is a slowpoke law here that applies to any vehicle that is blocking traffic. And they do pull people over for violating it. Recommendations? It really boils down to what your end-use is and what your budget can handle. These aren’t investments, they’re luxury items, so you need to evaluate the cost-to-benefit ratio.

If you are going to be taking family on short trips of a couple of weeks or less, then Class C (the cabover type motor home) or a travel trailer are appropriate. If it’s just you and the spouse planning to live in it for six months or more, then a Class A (the bus type) will probably work better, or even a high-end 5th wheel trailer like a Fleetwood Triumph. There is also a Class B motor home, such as the Rialta, which is sort of a van conversion that has everything a Class C has, but on a more compact basis.

Cost-wise, in lowest to highest order: Camper/pop-up trailer, travel trailer, most 5th wheels, class B, class C, class A (gas), class A (diesel). The price spread (on our lot anyway) is $10,000 - $250,000.

SiouxChief: The RV market sucks right now for sales. The entire country is feeling the pinch of five years of a lousy stock market and high fuel prices. You could probably swing a decent deal right now.

Shirley Ujest: One can always count on someone being snarky on this board, regardless of the thread content. If you will review my OP, you will note that I have not in any way implied that an RV purchase is anything other than a luxury, nor have I implied or stated in any other thread that these vehicles are anything but a huge debt burden that depreciates like any other vehicle. Nor do I represent to customers anything of the sort. So kindly piss off.

pullin: No apology necessary. I was asking for advice.

Keapon: There are six on my team.