Chantix: Day 5

Ok, so I’ve had the nausea…no biggie…goes away with a full glass of water. Vivid dreams…no more so than usual…my dreams have always been vivid and bizarre. But…I haven’t taken a satisfying dump since Thursday. I have had exactly 2 since then and they were tiny and not solid. I’ve eaten: apples, broccoli, big salads, veggie burgers, cauliflower, as many veggies as I can handle. What do do? If this is a consequence I have to deal with the entire time I’m on Chantix, I need some help! If I take laxatixes the entire time, won’t my body become too dependent on them? I feel really bloated, because I know exactly how much food is up in there…Yikes! Any advice?

Well, nothing has changed.

Can’t anyone help or relate?

Hmm. I took Chantix as well and had no such issues. The fact that brewing coffee smelled like tuna instead of brewing coffee was my biggest problem.

You should see your doctor if you’re concerned.


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