Characters who are too damn whiney!

Ever get so sick of a character’s constant self pity you just want to scream enough already god!

Rusty Venture on The Venture Brothers, brilliant show but man oh man does Rusty’s endless pit of self pity get old. Its probably more accurate to life than an animated satire should be though, with Rusty seeing himself as life’s victim even as he inflicts equal or worse trauma on his own children and others(never realizing this at all).

For awhile I thought they were going to eventually have him turn into one of the super villains, and the whole thing would have been a kind of character study of what kind of damaged psyche would become a costumed villain in the first place. But they didn’t go that way.

Sally on Coupling.

Ross on Friends. Mind you, this was partly because his tone of voice was a constant whine.

main characters on Seinfeld, maybe not Kramer (at least less).

Ray Romano.

“Ray, would you help me with the kids?” “oh…whine…”
“Ray, dear, I bought you some underpants” “oh, Maaaaaa…”
“Ray, turn on the game, son” “oh, Dad…whine…”
“Mr. Romano, your son’s test scores are low, you need to help” “oh, whine…”

Life is so difficult. Why don’t they leave him alone to watch the game and play golf?

Both gay guys on Modern Family.

The poster child: Dawn on Buffy

Max on “Two Broke Girls” - I get that they’re playing her bad life for laughs, but she tells us how her life sucks/sucked multiple times in every episode. There have been plenty of characters on tv who had bad lives that were played for laughs, and they didn’t whine about it all the time

Next to the dictionary definition of “whiney” is a photo of Woody Allen. It’s the reason I can’t watch his movies.

Sally Struthers in All in the Family.

Different strokes, I guess - I don’t see her as whiny. She doesn’t really seem to be complaining about her life to me, more contrasting it to the princess’s, and then she moves on. I think she’d need to dwell on it more to be whining.

Ross is my first pick as well. He and Rachael deserved each other.

Luke Skywalker.

Charlie Brown.

*Anyone *played by Sandy Dennis. When I saw The Out of Towners, I kept hoping she and Jack Lemmon would be murdered and stuffed in a Dumpster.


Leonard from Big Bang Theory can’t speak a sentence longer than 5 syllables without whining. His tone always “da dada da DA da daaaaaaa”

I’m going to preface this by saying that I love both of these shows, but both Ted and JD are both pretty big whiners on How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs. In fact, I consider them pretty similar characters in a lot of respects. In fact, other then the goofiness in Scrubs, the shows pretty similar as well.

This. It’s one of the main reasons why I don’t watch the show any more.

Rita, from Dexter, comes to mind.

Doug and Wendy