Most irritating TV/Movie Character EVER!

Wesley Crusher. Makes me want to go all Elvis on the TV.

The “slut” on The Golden Girls. Ugh, just shut up already you gold-digger!


Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman.

Yeah, hookers are like that. :rolleyes:

Sooooo many choices, but the one that pops into my mind is Peggy Hill, of course.


The Nanny - Fran Drescher

Lilith from Cheers. One of the few fictional characters to make me want to toss the TV out the window.

Alan Alda’s Hawkeye from MAS*H. I liked the original Groucho much better, thank you.

The entire cast of Will and Grace. I don’t even watch the show, but seeing the commercials for it makes me want to kill the actors.

Joe Pesci’s character in the never-ending Lethal Weapon series - Leo somebody…He’s like nails on a chalkboard.

And although I’ve been without Showtime for quite a while, Michael on Queer As Folk always drove me insane. Does the man do anything besides whine?

The entire cast of Married With Children.

George Costanza on Sienfeld. A stupid whining loser with about as much charm as bubonic plague.

Second choice to any other part Jason Alexander has ever played. Anyone who can screw up “Bye Bye Birdie” is kind of a black hole of talent.

He was like the best character on that show! Plus some of us in loonyville identify with him.

Hmm I was rather annoyed by the young, episode 1, version of Anakin Skywalker. Moreso than I was annoyed by Jar-Jar.

Jeebus! How could this thread go past three posts without a mention of Jar Jar Binks!?

Tweakie from the old Buck Rodgers TV show springs to mind. “Be-de be-de be-de, wanna dance Buck”.

The character Chris Tucker played in Fifth Element. At least the character was supposed to be annoying, meaning it wasn’t a bad performance on Tucker’s part.

I’ll second the Nanny. Fran Drescher can be pretty funny, but that character radiated “annoying” for blocks in all directions.

Scrappy Doo. By far.

Someone’s already mentioned the entire cast of Will and Grace, but that squeaky voiced dark haired girl (name?) on the show makes me immediately hit the channel-changer.

Megan Mulally (sp?) At on of the restaurants I frequent, there’s a waitress who looks and sounds just like her, just 10 years younger.

Lexie from Monarch of the Glen. What a self-centered, rude, cruel, heartless, slutty BITCH!

Must…restrain…urge…to bash…Lexie’s…head…into…the…STOVE!


lisa simpson sometimes

David Brent from the Office, but thats intentional

Ross from Friends with his stupid whiny voice

Mike From the young ones, just for being so spectacularly unfunny

Henry Hills second Girlfriend who helps him with the cocaine(?) smuggling, cant say why, just irritates the hell out of me!

SOMETIMES?! Try every episode in which she opens her mouth of late. I use to be able to take her, but anything after the episode in which Homer’s crayon was removed, she irks me something awful. ::throws Lisa out the window::