Charles Booker running for Senate? (D-KY)

Here’s one of his tweets, but he’s been strongly hinting he’s running for a while.

As well as him going all Biblical, I’m sure that thrills his lefty base

Booker will be a lefty Amy McGrath should he run. He will be so cool on Twitter, loved out of state and raise amazing amounts of money. He will also be stomped like a grape by Rand Paul.

Booker lost the 2020 KY senate primary to Amy McGrath. He was a late entry, but quickly became beloved on the left by running on a Bernie/Warren type platform. He acted like a petulant child when he lost and did nothing to help McGrath in the general election. Yes, she was doomed in a hapless race, but Booker spent the remainder of 2020 showing that he loved himself some Charles Booker and nothing else.

I expect this race will punch above its weight in the midterm election coverage as a Twitter addicted media fawns all over Booker. For me, I’m writing down KY in the absolutely R column and will donate nothing and volunteer no time, just as I did for McGrath.

That’s depressing news. (Not that I’m any expert on Charles Booker.) McGrath looked like a fairly strong candidate, from outside the state. Reverting to someone she beat—particularly someone with the history you describe—seems like a very bad idea.

Can’t Kentucky Democrats come up with someone stronger? It surely would be delightful to bid farewell to Rand Paul…at least for the next six years ('22-'28)…

A Democratic primary in a Kentucky Senate election is so low-stakes that it doesn’t really matter who runs. Rand Paul has a high-enough profile and an odious-enough personality that there’s going to be a lot of money-sucking grifters raising money off of opposition to him no matter who runs. Political hobbyists need an outlet somewhere, I guess.

Huh? Even if it was ever reasonable to see McConnell as vulnerable to any challenger (it wasn’t), Amy McGrath’s entire electoral experience consisted of losing a winnable seat in 2018.

If electoral experience were the only—or even the primary—criterion used by voters, you’d have a point.

But the reality is that electoral experience is NOT the primary criterion used by voters.

As a Texan, one of the things I can attest to is that the challenge of being the other party in a one-party state is that it’s very difficult to “grow your own.” You’re effectively shut out of the statewide offices that would let you build some name recognition and donor base. You’ve got to hope that you can lure a talented backbencher into the race who catches fire in the right environment (e.g. Beto) or otherwise make due with also rans (MJ Hegar, AKA the Texas Amy McGrath), urban elected officials (Lupe Valdez, Bill White) or stunt casting (Wendy Davis).

All right, all right, all right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. We do have a potential gubernatorial run by Matthew McConaughey in 2022. If Beto chooses to sit out 2022, I’d give him a decent chance, maybe 30/70, assuming he runs as a Democrat.

I initially read this as Charlie Brooker running for Senate:

This guy is quite a tease.

Looks more like he’s running to be Senator for lefty Twitter.

It’ll be interesting to see people who screamed about wasting money on McGrath in 2020 open their wallets for Booker