Charles Keating Has Died

For those you too young to remember, Keating was not only anti-porn crusader, he bribed five US Senators (among them, John McCain) to reduce scrutiny on his savings & loan business, Lincoln Savings. This in turn cost the American taxpayer $5 billion.

For his sins, he received a 10 year sentence, a 12 1/2 year sentence and was going to receive much more. However thanks to the vagaries of the US legal system, Keating only served 4 1/2 years for essentially stealing $5 billion.

He will be missed….:wink:

You need to hire a better sniper.

Whew! It’s the wrong (right?) Charles Keating. During the period of the financier’s trial and conviction, I was a fan of British actor Charles Keating, and occasionally confused by headlines.

And I’m not the only one – I see that someone has vandalized the actor’s Wikipedia page by announcing his death today.

Good. Fuck that shitbag. All the welfare queens in all of America’s history don’t come close to what that cocksucking motherfucker cost us all.

Seems almost quaint now, guys actually going to prison for gaming the system, causing financial collapse and whatnot. Ol’ Chuck was born a little too early.

Had he simply waited a few years he could taken part in the housing bubble and never spent a day in prison. I guess that everything in life really IS timing…

I must have been hiding in a cave … I never heard of him till now.

My God 5 billion dollars! … and I thought the recent news of one billion dollars for embassy art work was bad.

I remember Mr. Cheating. The world is a better place without that vile excreasence on it.

I remember hearing radio advertisements about uber-Christian topics like “The miracle of Fatima” in the mid-eighties. I couldn’t fathom why he was running these ads, and what he expected to accomplish with them. I guess he just needed something to spend other people’s money on…