Charlie Wayne, are you trolling or just stupid?

He started this thread about the Chinese coronavirus asking if people are worried about it. The consensus seems to be that it is a good idea to be aware of the situation, but governments and healthcare workers managed to contain other outbreaks like Ebola and SARS.

It seems like he’s determined to stir up some panic somehow or other.

Post 7, he says it’s a bad idea to try something dangerous for the first time. How the hell does possibly having a snowboarding accident have anything to do with a virus? He also suggests taking antibiotics as a preventative measure, which is not only useless but dangerous because it creates antibiotic resistant bacteria that are then harder to treat.

Unfortunately I know a lot of people who think that antibiotics are always the cure for what ails you so I can file that one under “stupid.”

Post 53, he says that the movie “Outbreak” is the best way to learn how to handle a disease outbreak. I don’t think anyone’s that stupid so it’s gotta be trolling.

Post 69, he gets kind of snitty and threatens to slink away in shame because someone pointed out a mistake in a previous post.

Then, the one which got me to make this thread.

Then Broomstick tells him that the women didn’t use a virus on Kim Jong Nam, it was nerve agent, and Charlie Wayne starts whining that he didn’t remember what the chemical used was.


So he’s either stupid enough to think that Kim Jong Un is getting revenge on the USA by dropping a virus on China, or he’s trolling. I hate to think that anyone is really that stupid, so it’s my conclusion that he’s trolling us with faked stupidity.

PS, please don’t tell me to stop reading that thread it he bothers me, because there are a lot of links to VALID sources of information, plus doctors and people who live in China offering their stories, and because I will sneak into your bedroom at night and leave a bowl of spoiled tunafish salad under your bed. :stuck_out_tongue:

He is trolling. All of his “clueless old man” shtick is deliberately created and designed to annoy. It is a deliberate persona designed only to aggravate.

Agree about the trolling.

Ok then. It worked well in my case!

Oh, and he bumpedt this thread in Post 44 and someone else pointed out that it was 15 years old, there was no spam post that might have bumped it, and it was right after the OP of that thread came back to post. So he’s not just stupid trolling, he’s malicious.

He’s trolling. And he’s a sock. I’m astonished the mods haven’t figured this out yet. Well, not that astonished.

Yeah, he showed back up the day after another famous troll was banned, he’s a sock.

What is disturbing is that some well meaning fools have taught Charlie how to use the internet. It could not possibly be his idea. Yet, there it is.

Yeah, his repugnant “advice” was that people don’t care as much about dogs they ‘adopted’.

I love that the next poster asked if he realized he just replied to a 15 year old thread, and the next said:
The dog’s dead now. I’m just sayin’.

But then comes his Sweet Ol’ Geezer Confused By All The Lights and Buttons schtick:

Some of us have our money on Drunky Smurf, who was suspended last month and hasn’t returned since his suspension ended.

Interesting, I was assuming Ditka, because Wayne showed back up a few days after his banning. Either way, its kind of pathetic to put that much effort into being an asshole.

Not at all. Charlie was a regular contributor here quite some time ago. His thread on “movies you’ve seen recently” has been active for years in CS. Yes, his posting style is odd, and I’m not sure if it’s because there is some underlying cause, but I really don’t think the guy is malicious. He left the last time because of this sort of harassment over his posts, and I’m not sure why he would return to a place where he’s not welcome. Any road, I suggest just dealing with it in the usual way.

I dunno. I think it’s a bit of both. Mostly trolling but also a lot of stupid. There are threads where it’s obvious he’s actually trying to contribute in a meaningful way but is not intelligent or informed enough to do so.

Poe’s Law is a rough beast. At some point, there’s no meaningful distinction between stupidity and trolling.

Did I miss something. cochrane and madmonk28, do you think one of them hacked Charlie Wayne’s account, which joined in 2012 and seems to be semi-active?

I’m voting ridiculously, aggressively stupid, which can be and often is quite aggravating.

Why can’t he be both stupid AND a troll/sock? It’s not like they’re mutually exclusive. Granted he probably plays it up a bit, but I doubt he’s all that bright to begin with.

I’m not picking on you, Chefguy, but I am complaining about this kind of post because it seems like someone always posts something like this. The thing is I wasn’t around the last time he was actively posting. I don’t know why he stopped for a while. All I know is that he keeps jumping into an intersting thread to post borderline nonsense and I can’t bitch him out for it in IMHO.

I’m assuming the usual way means either putting him on ignore, which doesn’t work unless everyone stops responding to him and someone always does, or ignore the thread which I don’t want to do because there are a lot of interesting posts. Plus he’s liable to show up in some other thread I’m following and then I have the same problem all over again. And it really is all about me! :smiley:

Yeah, he’s a clueless old man who knows all about using a VPN — the number one tool in a sock/troll’s toolbox.

It’s Drunky Smurf. I’d bet the farm on it. Hell, he’s probably reading this thread and laughing like a lunatic right now.

So either:
(a) DS has had a sock since 2012 (6 years after DS joined), or
(b) DS hacked CW’s account

I think you are going to owe me a farm.

You think all trolls come in, waving flags and jumping up and down shrieking? :dubious:

Whether Charlie is one or not, that don’t mean shit.

I think that he’s a sock that a troll uses to play around with when they’re tired of their other Schlick, or when they get banned.

ETA: he and HD both started their accounts around the same time.