Charlie Wayne, you are a sexist, stupid jerk.

From Charlie Wayne’s OP in this thread: Take a look at this picture of the current Premier of out [sic] Province:

You judge people by their looks. You compare a woman to a mule. You think that everyone else will agree with your stupid, bigoted views.

You show that you are an ignorant, sexist, stupid jerk.

I am so glad this board has an “Ignore” function, and that it’s even more effective when posting from Tapatalk, as I will never again have to read your insulting drivel.

Charlie Wayne is a troll. He can’t possibly be as retarded as his posting history would seem to indicate. His mother should have been arrested for dumping toxic waste.

Charlie Wayne, from what I can gather from his nonsensical post, thinks that the reason there are a bunch of “Canadian weirdo” posters on this board is because he thinks the premier of Ontario looks like a mule. Or something. No, I don’t understand it either.

There was alsothis post of his from last year, directed at me, and more than slightly creepy.

I wonder if he appreciates the irony of that.

There are ten provinces, you stupid fuck!

Attacking people for their appearance is the bottomless pit that nourishes the ignorant.

I really hope this is true. His posts are truly disturbing (the exact word for it, EmilyG. I’m surprised he hasn’t been pitted before now (or maybe he has and I missed it). It seems people take it a bit easy on him as he does seem somehow handicapped but I think that’s a mistake.

Charlie, my boy, you’re an idiot. Stop posting every silly thing that comes into your head and read a bit more and think a bit more. Or, if you are a troll, then just curl up and roll away.

I was kind of hoping that thread would languish in the obscurity that it deserved. So of course, it has 21 replies and a pit thread.

Well it is 21 replies of people taking him to task so it’s got that going for it.

CW is a troll. He’s a bit of curiosity to me. I follow him a bit. Like others and the OP I used to think he was diminished a bit. But he occasionally lets little bits slip now and again. Bits that have led me to believe he is in fact, trolling.

Not maliciously. Not spitefully. Just an old man amusing himself. Still, don’t be taken in - it’s just an act.

So, I went back and read the thread over, hoping it might be less creepy in context. Wasn’t. :eek:

Pretty much this (except I’m still not entirely convinced that it’s an act). Most of the posts I’ve seen from him strike me as having been written by a brain-damaged puppy. Or, you know, some kind of pet psychic who can accurately transcribe the musings of a brain-damaged puppy. Because of this, I’ve always felt a bit reluctant to call him out on his banal inanities (because kicking puppies, even brain-damaged ones who won’t stop yipping, is a concept that my mind has labeled as “bad”).

I’ve been losing patience with him lately, though (see the banana bird thread. Or, do yourself a favor and don’t). The thread referenced in the OP reveals that he is capable of being small-minded and mean, so my reluctance to metaphorically smack him on the metaphorical nose, with a metaphorical rolled-up newspaper is receding.

Here’s a couple more of his judgemental turds.

I can only imagine what a stud this guy must be. And his wife!

I thought he was just a bit dimwitted until recently. But, yeah, he’s been slipping out of character and it’s increasingly obvious that he’s just a troll.

I don’t normally post in The Pit, but that was one fucked up comment to make. I replied in that thread, and I’ll reply here too.

Judging people by their looks is about as shallow as a person can possibly get. Kathleen Wynne is also openly gay. That is probably the underlying reason for Charlie’s post. He’s a homophobic fuck weed to boot.

“Oh Jeepers”

Yeah, troll. Unless he is Archie or Jughead he’s been having some fun with this persona.

And that’s pretty much word for word what he said in the Michelle Obama thread.

Oh noes! Who knew my quirky sense of humor would be taken so poorly?

Don’t you mean “Moochelle”?

Maybe he’s a combination of both troll and complete retard. At least, that’s my theory.

This pitting is so Canadian. Sorry, Charlie, but you’re a heel. A darn poopy head.

Damn, people. Now we’re never going to hear the rest of the Banana Bird joke.