Charlie X is gone

Robert Walker, Jr. has died at age 79.

I didn’t know he was Jennifer “Towering Inferno” Jones’s son.

Wow. Agreed. I didn’t know that either.

Weird that he would die days after D.C. Fontana died too.

It always struck me how much he resembled his tragic father.

He had large part as ensign pulser while jack nicolson had small role.
Jack nicolson had large role in easy rider while he had small role.

Jack Nicholson was in Ensign Pulver? :dubious: :confused:

I’ll be damned! So he was:

I saw this movie immediately after it came out, when I was nine years old. I loved it then, and I still do now. (At the time, I had never seen Mr Roberts, so I didn’t appreciate the “sequel” aspect of the picture, but it didn’t really matter.)

The original McHale’s Navy movie came out around the same time, so I was in Seventh Heaven! :o

RIP, Bob/Charlie/Frank.

Hard on the heels of Sid Haig and Michael J Pollard, too. :frowning: (Have I missed anybody?)

Yep, they’re dropping like flies, all right. Damn getting old! :mad:

Wow - it’s kind of surprising to think that Robert Walker Jr. has passed away, considering he was that young space traveler “Charlie X”. But that was over fifty years ago!!

I,m sorry he Couldn’t stay, stay, stay.


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