Charlie's Angels

Pick on whatever criteria you like. You are allowed to pick three of course.

I included all of the Angels from the original show, plus the movies, and even the revival series of 1989, 1998, and 2011 because I figured somebody might have been watching them. But I didn’t include one-shots. Or Bosleys.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the late 80s Tea Leoni revival bite the dust before it even went to air? Did they even film a pilot for that?

Anyway, I voted for the team of Sabrina, Kelly & Kris, who were the Angels when I watched the show.

I know she’s generally disliked, but I did have a soft spot for Shelley Hack. I didn’t think she was such a bad actress. She was good in “the King of Comedy”, just not right for the Angels.

I went with Farah, Kate, and Lucy.

Sabrina, Kelly and Jill. Not only because of Sabrina and Kelly’s hidden love (which didn’t become apparent to me until later), but because I have trouble separating Jill Munroe from whoever that character was she played on “Harry O”, which was my favorite show at one time.

It appears you’re right. The show was cast but no episodes were ever aired (and I can’t confirm any episodes were actually produced).

Two interesting things I did find were that the show was going to have four angels instead of three. And while three of the actresses had some previous roles, one was a complete unknown in her first job: Tea Leoni, who ironically became the only one of the four to go on to have a significant career.

Can I cast three votes for Sabrina (Kate Jackson)? She was arguably the best actress of the bunch and her character was the most interesting: feisty and sarcastic.

I could only pick two: Sabrina (Kate Jackson) for being the smartest and my personal favourite, and Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) for being the hottest. The rest kinda blend together in looks or personality.

Though the 2003 movie Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle featured Demi Moore as a former angel. Had she been listed, she’d’ve got my third vote.

If the 13 year old me was voting it would have been Farrah, Cheryl, and Farrah.

I never liked Farrah, and was thrilled when Cheryl came on board.

Truth is, though, Jaclyn was the reason I watched.

I’m surprised Cameron Diaz is doing so poorly. I’d never have guessed she’d fall behind Cheryl Ladd.

Wow! It’s so cool that Jaclyn Smith is (so far) number one! Schwing! :smiley:

I haven’t voted yet.

That’s kinda what’s been troubling me. I haven’t seen either of the movies, so don’t feel qualified to vote for any of them. Of course, I haven’t seen Tea Leoni as an Angel, either, but she just seems like she’d be worth watching. However, she tends to portray the brainier sorts of babes, and I don’t know if I can have her and Kate Jackson on the team at the same time.

I tried to avoid an “I know who I’d like to be behind Cheryl Ladd” comment, but failed.

Had to go with the original 3. I was in love with Farrah and her poster when it came out. Later came to appreciate jacklyn Smith for how beautiful she is when I matured a bit. And why not round out the original 3 with Kate Jackson.

The being said I realize now how awful the show was.

as a kid who graduated HS in 1980… I was all about Sabrina.

My tastes have always been different. On One Day at a Time; I always thought Julie Cooper (Mackenzie Phillips) was way hotter than and Barbara Cooper (Valerie Bertinelli). I look back now and say “What was I thinking?

Had to go with Sabrina, Kelly, and Jill. They are* the *Angels, and everybody else is just a replacement.

I, however, have no objections to the movie trio (especially Lucy Liu – roowrr!!), and actually enjoyed those films for what they were. I watched a couple episodes of the most recent series, and none of them made enough impression on me that I could pick any one out of a lineup today.

I voted for the original three Angels – Sabrina, Kelly, and Jill. Sabrina was always my favorite, but I loved them all! (I wouldn’t mind adding Kris in there if I was allowed a fourth vote.)

One of my favorite ever lines from King of the Hill is uttered by Hank’s dad, Cotton. He turns on the TV and the Charlies Angels theme plays. Cotton says, “Damn. Shelley Hack. That’s like gettin’ a Shemp.”

Didn’t really watch the original show much, but I liked the revival movies well enough, and so I voted for those 3.

Plus the women from the older show just look really, really dated, and unattractive to me now. Odd, lots of stars from the '20s are still attractive, even stars from the '40s and '50s. The '70s though, is just this complete decade of ugly.