Who was your favorite Angel?

An exchange with a Twitter pal this morning got me thinking about this.

It’s a tossup between Claude Raines and Roma Downey. Oh, Charlie’s Angels. I’ve seen maybe three episodes of that show ever, so I have no opinion.

I’ve seen no episodes of that show. The answer is still Smith.

Kate Jackson. She was smart!

No Drew Barrymore option?!

I came in here to vote for the evil Angel, the one who lost his soul to Buffy’s vagina.

Sad, broody Angel was boring.

As far as Charlie’s Angels, I have no opinion.

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The Angel Islington

David Boreanez.

Sonny Barger

Misha Collins with Henry Travers a close second.

I’m with Ulfrieda, although Michael is kind of studly, too. Gabriel’s a glorified messenger boy and Raphael’s apocryphal…

Nope, not interested in the remakes or movie versions.

Barely (heh) watched it, but went with Farrah Fawcett. Because, Farrah Fawcett, and it was all about looks, not smarts.

You left out; never watched the movies or Television show

I watched one episode of that series (the season premiere where Art Metrano as The Bad Guy told Kate Jackson she had a cute ass), and yeah, I’d have to go with Kate regardless of anything else.

I remember when she played the young wife of a cop in a run-of-the-mill series called The Rookies (1970-ish), and she was the only thing I found interesting there, too.

While I think Tanya Roberts was the hottest angel, she was also easily the worst actress of the bunch. Smith.

Cheryl Ladd. I mean, look at her. Just look at her. Which is what I did.