Why was Kate Jackson the ''smart Angel?''

Was that just code for “Well, she’s not as pretty as Jaclyn or Farrah?” Did she ever do anything that indicated she was smarter than the other Angels? I think I saw quite a few episodes in the original run, as well as reruns, but I can’t for the life of me remember any plots.

I seem to recall one of the publicity photos showed her holding a chess piece. Ergo, smart.

Mad magazine summed it up pretty well. It was because she wore higher necklines.

It goes like this -

Kelly - the Angel from “the streets.” (even though Jacklyn Smith could convincingly play a tough, edgy, streetwise babe about as well as Kelsey Grammer could play Macbeth.)

Jill - the ‘athletic’ Angel (read - the writers thought up every possible way they could to get Farrah Fawcett to jiggle her bra-less pair for as often as possible during every episode.)

Sabrina - the smart Angel (which, and I know I’m not the only who thought this as a kid, was code for ‘the LESBIAN Angel.’)

You really think Kelsey Grammer couldn’t do Macbeth?
Frazier Crane probably not, but…

Short, sensible hair. Duh :).

Kelsey Grammar could probably do a convincing MacBeth.

But Jaclyn Smith as a tough, streetwise broad? Yeah, right…

I once saw *Charlie’s Angels * dubbed into Spanish in Spain. My Spanish was much better then than now but I seem to recall that it was treated as a very serious crime drama. I wondered if that was irony or that’s just the way Spanish dubbers do all shows.

Smaller boobs, thats why.

You mean they all weren’t lesbians? Wow, way to crush a guy’s fantasies.

No, the other two were bi.

Well, I thought she was prettier than Farrah, at least. I’m one of those peculiar hetero American men who never found Farrah Fawcett attractive.