Charter Member Desmostylus banned

For various offenses, including: (final warning by TVeb)

In addition, we are discussing some administrative changes to make “final warnings” easier for us to track. We don’t normally allow three wanrings after a “final”, so don’t y’all think you can get away with that. :wink:

Make it their title.

On Final Warning


I thought about that, but I may as well change their title to “If You Don’t Like Me, Please Bait Me Continually Until I Lose It and Get Banned” :smiley:

That’s not a bad approach. Maybe “Provisional Member” would carry less of the Scarlet Letter effect, but still remind both the user and the mods of a tenuous status.

Oops! Okay, nevermind.

My bolding.

I hadn’t thought of that part, and that’s a good thought. Perhaps seeing a title under their username would help keep them on their toes. But gaudere probably has a point about the baiting thing.

I mostly regret the loss of a fine Username.

It’s a pity the guy couldn’t rein it in, because he did know some biology.

You need a sticky thread in a mods-only forum listing warnings and offences. Or maybe a sticky in the ATMB forum would suffice, since that’s probably not a hot-viewing spot for most members :wink:

Yep, thanks. Barbarian. It was suggested and implemented this morning at the private Moderators’ coffee and donut session, before you suggested it. Great minds run along the same wossnames.

In the third link posted both lissener and vanilla are listed as guests, rather than banned. Wassup?

There’s been some weirdness since the Charter Member/Member split, and some "BANNED"s are now “Guests”. Also, we now have to change usertitles manually when we ban someone, rather than just changing their settings. It’s something we’ll need Jerry to fix for good, I think.

Fallout from the “charter member” vs “member” coding changes. Some people who had acquired a banned status were swept up in the mass change and we are having to go back and manually reset their labels. Getting them set to “guest” was a first pass that could be done with a minimum of direct tech intervention. Jerry is getting to the list of changes needed, but he has to satisfy his day job, first.

Looks just like him too!
I’ll miss him in GQ, where he contributed many useful bits.

If he was that useful in some forums, and he behaved well in those forums, wouldn’t it be a good feature if people like him were banned from certain forums, but allowed to post in others where their contributions are valuable?

Check the links. He didn’t behave too well in GQ either. At least 3 of his warnings were in innocuous GQ threads.

Gaudere hogged all the glazed.

I am sorry to see this come to pass. :frowning:

vBulletin software includes the ability to add usernotes to each account. Use them - one click will quickly show how many warnings any particular user has. Simply update the member’s usernotes every time a formal warning is given. You can even add a link to the offensive post or thread, creating a running tally.

One note - though turned off by default, each usergroup can be given permissions to view usernotes. Make sure that only the people who should see them can see them.

Just an observation - some of those warnings are really, really old.

What about his username? Is he a Ducati owner?