Cheap project planning software?

Can anyone recommend a good project planning package?

I’m doing some improvements around the house, and I want to put the project on a Gantt chart to make sure the work gets done in the right order. I don’t want to pay several hundred bucks for Microsoft project when all I need is a linked chart.


Well, you can get Microsoft Visio on Amazon.Com for $159.00… (I would post the link, but I’m not sure if that would constitute advertising)

Anyway, I’ve been told that PDQ (“Pretty Darn Quick”) is pretty good too. Plus, its free, and it runs on Win95, 98 and NT. I couldn’t find their home page, but you can download it through that link.

Thanks, Starbury. I’ve never used Visio, but I didn’t see a Gantt chart on the Microsoft site.

Er, the PDQ link didn’t work for me (the home site is still loading …slowly.) I’ll keep looking for a second link.

I don’t use Visio, but they have it at my office. I looked through the help files for it, and it looked like it was pretty easy to set up a Gantt chart through it.

I found a few more links where you can download a version of PDQ. Hopefully one of these will work for you: