Cheaper DSL!

I just got an email from Verizon:

Yay! I’ve been with Verizon DSL for a year now, and i’ve been very happy with the service. I thought the price was a bit steep at $49.95 a month, and now i’m getting $15 off.

Yep I got that today too. I must say, I’m impressed with a company that not only offers new low rates, but does so for existing customers without any hassle. And I really like the bit about prorating my bill back to May 21. If I could find Mr. James Earl Jones, I’d give him a big ol’ hug.

How about NY, what’s the deal with us? huh? huh?


Wish my family could get Verizon DSL… our only choice for high-speed internet is Adelphia broadband, which frankly sucks. Probably because they don’t have any competition; if they did, they’d have to clean up their act!

Sorry for the rant. It’s just frustrating. :frowning:

I looked on the Verizon website and found diddlysquat. In case anyone cares I currently pay $69.99 a month for the 1.5 mps package. If anyone hears the new rates for this package in NYC let me know.


$40/mo should be the 1.5mbps package. Call and ask!

The news about the new rate is here. Obviously, it’s only for the basic DSL package. I couldn’t find any news about the higher speed packages.


The deal is as follows:
one price/one package. The price of Verizon DSL for residential customers is $34.95 (or $29.95 if you have a Veriations phone package.) You will recieve whatever speed your line qualifies for. If your line is qualified for 768kbps/128kbps then you get that for $34.95. If your line qualifies for 1.5mbps/128kbps then that is what you will get for $34.95.

I know because I sell it for a living. :slight_smile:

Thanks pezpunk.

Do you have any sense of what motivated the price drop? I’m assuming it’s because not enough people were signing up, or too many were dropping the service, or both. And maybe competition from cable and satellite.

I always thought $50 a month was too steep, and it certainly bites into my grad student income, but with the number of database articles etc. that i download it certainly makes thing easier to have DSL. With the reduction, i now have $180 less per year to pay out, and i’ll be less tempted to switch to cable internet when it becomes available here soon.

Forgive me for being cynical, but this sounds too good to be true. Verizon just slashed prices for everyone, and in addition, will give them all the bandwidth their lines are capable of? One or the other would be a blessing, but both? This from the same company that wouldn’t send a tech to my basement for 2 years to do 5 minutes of wiring to give me DSL?

Something is fishy.

Thanks for the info BTW :smiley:

I know. We thought it was fishy too but there’s no catch. I had heard for about a year that they would be switching to this plan. It is just an effort to stay ahead of the game and beat the competition. You have no idea how many “converts” we are getting because of this!

“Competition?” The recent DOJ ruling means there is none. The Bells are pretty much the only place you’ll be able to buy DSL. My small ISP got CLEC status, only to find that with the ruling, we can’t possibly provide DSL at cost for what the Bells provide it for at retail. And so it goes. VOIP has them running scared so they’re slashing prices to try to suck people in while they can.

I’m guessing that pezpunk is referring to “competition” from the cable and satellite companies. I have Verizon DSL and am very happy with it - but just in case I ever get annoyed with it, Comcast keeps sending me flyers describing their cable modem alternatives.

Correct. I am not refering to smaller DSL providers leasing lines from Verizon ILEC. I am refering to Earthlink, AOL, Time Warner, etc etc.