Cheapest Source for Bobs Red Mill Grains?

I find that you can usually get the best price on but some of them are cheaper on the manufacturer website (not sure if with shipping).

What is the cheapest source for this or alternative cheap source for relatively rare grains?

You can use Google Shopping plus Amazon…'s+red+mill+grains&spell=1&sa=X

Can you go to a Sam’s club?

The Big Lots near my house often has them for sale, at MUCH less than I’ve seen them at other places. If you have one in your town, check it out.

Winco carries some of their products in the bulk section for less than you’d pay for it pre-bagged.

I like Bob’s Muesli. Unfortunately there isn’t a Winco near me. I went with, their price was decent.

Beware of whole grain products from cheap sources where there’s no turnover or where they may have been sitting for a long time. These products contain oil and can go rancid, which makes them quite nasty.

Thanks, I’ll be sure to check the expiration date.

Check discount food stores (bent and dent)

My discount store sells Bobs products for $1/bag

You could always get Bob to adopt you - free grains!

I just drive the mile to the factory and buy it.

I assume that everything sold under the Bobs Red Mill label is available elsewhere, either from other well-known brands (Gold Medal, Pillsbury, etc) or generic suppliers. So I’ll bet you could get the same thing in 10 or 25 pound sacks, for less per pound than those little bags that the Bobs Red Mill products come in. The OP never said which grains he/she wants to buy, so I can’t look for alternative suppliers.

(That said, I think the guy behind the Bobs Red Mill company was really smart and really lucky. Based on a Google search, he started the company in the early 1970s and over the decades since, there has been growing interest in whole grains and in alternative grains.)

Bob Moore sold the company to its employees in 2010. His wife is very ill and I think in a care facility, but he still shows up to greet people going on tours of the factory.

It was good of him to sell the company to the employees. He could have gone the route of some other alternative/hippie companies, like Tom’s of Maine (now owned by Colgate-Palmolive) or Ben & Jerry’s (owned by Unilever), and sold out to a giant conglomerate, for probably more money,