Cheaply built, mass produced apartment complexes/condos- how many are in your city?

I’m talking about apartment complexes/condos that look roughly like these:*388/Mishawaka+apartments1.jpg

These things seem to be sprouting up like weeds in the small, Midwestern college town that I live close to.

It is called a pedestal design. They make use of fire-proofed wood. When they are up an running with fire-suppression systems, they are fine. While they are being built, they are prone to disastrous fires.

Out in the boonies where I live, the only apartments I see being build are “luxury” apartments, which, to me, means higher rents for ordinary living spaces. Or maybe I’m just a touch cynical…

I’m seeing some with that design here in North Ali-bama, but they’re being built in fairly well-to-do areas, not ‘cheaply built’ IMHO.

The Charlotte area is currently teeming with residential construction of the general type described by the OP.

I’m not aware of any like that being built in Folsom, but there does seem to be quite a few of them in Sacramento, especially in Midtown and around the Sac State campus.

I’m probably being pedantic here, but are these truly “mass produced”? To me that implies something built on an assembly line. These apartments may all share a similar architectural style, but that doesn’t qualify as mass production in my book. Or are these built from prefabricated pieces that can be quickly assembled, like a piece of IKEA furniture? That probably would count as mass production.

Those are all exterior renderings, with no indication as to how they are built.
They could be solid platinum for all you know.
Why do you think they are “cheaply built?”

I think the OP is talking out of his ass and doesn’t know the first thing about construction and/or design. Yes insists on creating multiple threads on the topic to discuss his opinions.

Just what I was coming in to ask. That does seem to be a modern design choice that is very popular. But I’m not sure it implies shoddy workmanship, just copycat aesthetics. One of those could be crap and the next one solid as a rock - I don’t think you can tell just be looking at the exterior.

Are you in Iowa City? The whole city seems to be in the process of being taken over by buildings like this. The buildings may be cheap, but the rents sure aren’t.

How do you know they are “cheaply built?” Compared to what?

Yes, kind of like this.

Lol, no. I’ve seen the construction process- shoddy stick and chipboard construction, covered up with fancy looking cladding. I’ve been inside one of these before- the walls are paper thin.

Not Iowa city, I’m in Kansas.

I’m not surprised that these have high rents- they’re purpose is basically to be rent extraction devices.

Because I have functioning eyes

Traditional, pre-war apartments

They’re about the only style of building that doesn’t look tacky when it is less than five years old. The only question is will they look tacky when they are more than five years old because I’m not sure if the style has been around that much longer than that.

They’re all made of ticky tacky, and they all come out the same.

I live in an historic town, and we were all quite surprised when the town gave approval for a low-rise version of one of these buildings on the main drag - usually developers are required to make their new buildings look similar to what’s already in town. It’s pretty jarring to see. There’s also a very expensive house that was recently built near where we live in a similar design. My husband says it looks like a liquor store (and it does, as the local ABC authority is building all their new buildings in that same style).

The second one literally looks like the “Estuary” luxury condos up the road from me in Weehawken.

Yes, this is the common new style.

As for cheaply built… yeah they seem to be. Typically they have a concrete base and then the upper floors are done with wood framing. The panels put on that are some kind of insulation stuff, not sure exactly. Overall I wouldn’t want to live in one.

But you can’t look at a particular architectural style and say “That’s cheaply built”. I know the OP’s doing that, but he’s extrapolating from buildings that he “knows” are cheap.

We know three couples that have moved into some new apartment buildings in the style of the first set of photos. Their buildings are rock-solid, with top-notch materials, and virtually soundproof. In all three couples, both spouses have good jobs and no kids, so I’m sure they’re paying more than we would want to.