Check out how bright it is here at 0230!

I just took this picture, as I am constantly impressed with the 24h daylight we get here. Check it out! The building you can sort of make out in the background is the hospital I work at.

That’s some wild shit.

Cool. :cool:

Could never understand how people managed that long-term. I was in Oslo when they were getting a midnight sun and barely managed two hours of sleep a night, even with the curtains drawn shut.

I don’t miss too-bright-to-sleep. Messed me up every spring.

I’m lucky in that I could sleep through the Apocalypse. I just sleep whenever I’m tired, which apparently is something of a not-so-common talent.

I was trying to find where you are in an atlas, but they didn’t have your town. So, where are you? What’s your latitude?
And when was Nunavut made separate from the Northern Territorries? That’s what my old atlas calls the whole region.

Yeah, in 2000 (?) the NWT was divided into NWT and Nunavut. I found an online map showing where Iqaluit is here.

Nunavut came into being on 1 April 1999, carved out of the eastern part of the Northwest Territories. On your old maps, look for the city of Frobisher Bay, near the southern end of Baffin Island.

Hey Nunavut Boy - on Monday, you’ll have to give up your exclusive domain in Nunavut as I’m starting a two year contract in Rankin Inlet.

I checked. You’re still more northerly than me. Rankin is 62’ 81" N while Iqaluit is 63’ 45" N. Which doper, I wonder, is the farthest removed from any other doper? Just a thought (and probably a new thread).

That has to translate into a couple more minutes of daylight per day.

My concern is the amount of daylight at the time of the winter solstice.

Just to be clear, Frobisher Bay was renamed Iqaluit.

Sort of a silly question, but humor me.

Does the 24 hour daylight freak out the animals? I’m sure the…natural animals (birds, moose…I don’t know, whatever you have there) are used to it, but what about dogs and cats?

I’ll bet that makes for some painful walks home from the bar at 3AM…

Even living in The Pas in summer was freaky, and that’s nowhere near as north as Iqaluit. You get up, it’s light. You go to bed, it’s light. Somebody turn off the sun!

You’re lucky with your sleeping ability, Nunavut Boy. Night shifts damn near killed me.

Really? Well, welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay there. I’ve only ever stopped at the airport in Rankin. Also, I’ll let you change your name to “Nunavut Boy Jr.” if you want. :smiley:

Winter can be hard to take sometimes. It’s long, cold and dark. I seem to remember the sun coming up at around 10am and setting around noon - 1 o’clockish. But the summer makes up for it!

I don’t have any pets, but all my friends’ pets seem unaffected by the daylight. Cats sleep 18 hours a day anyways, and dogs are always ready to go unless they’re old or something anyways, right?

Usually when it’s nice out we go and have a bonfire on the beach after the bar closes. It feels like 9am anyways, so drinking on the beach we go! A fun pastime if daring your drunk buddies to go skinny dipping in the ocean.

Are there any paved roads in Nunavut? I remember asking a question in GQ about the largest area without paved roads. I believe Nunavut has no paved roads. Is this correct?

We have one paved road called Queen Elizabeth II Way. It basically circles around the town and was the route the Queen took when she visited here. There is also a 5km half-assedly paved road from the main part of town to the outlying part of town called Apex. Other than that, it’s all dirt and gravel.

How is “Iqaluit” pronounced? My best guess is something like “eek-a-lew-eet” (said fast), but I’m probably not even close… :slight_smile:

In your picture, Nunavut Boy, the sun seems to be just above the horizon. How much of the day and night sees the sun near the horizon, at this time of year (mid-June)?

Actually, that’s really good. Maybe a little more like “Ick-AA-loo-eet”.

I’d say the sun disappears just barley over the horizon for 2-3hrs (it’s still quite bright out, think 5-6am where you are) then starts rising again around 2am. I’d guess it goes ‘down’ at about 1145pm and comes back at around 2-230am.