Doper with the least daylight?

So the full winter depression is setting in what with going to work in the dark & coming home in the dark. Who else is forgetting what the sun looks like?

Sunrise in Ireland 8:15, sunset 16:11. Anyone worse off?

I think a few of the Scandanavians will beat you.

I have just returned from Tromso. It was dawn about 9 or 10 ish but by 3pm it was totally black. As in street lights - for me it was really weird.

Ouch yeah, that is rough. :eek:

Sounds about right for my time in St. Petersburg during the winter–though dawn was closer to 11 am.

Sunrise at 8:51, sundown 14:03. I hate this time of year.

Nasty, where are you?

Scandinavia, about 250 miles south of the Arctic circle.

Hibernation has never looked so attractive

Well, you could have at least bought me a beer!

Seriously though, I found it very draining adjusting to the limited daylight. No idea why- we didn’t do anything too strenuos. I just can’t imagine how the people lived there in days gone by. (Obviously they did and went out and pillaged and all the rest)

I’m in the next country over, but we get the same climate. Could be worse though. I played around with the daylight calculator and some 500 miles north of here it shows Sunrise: - Sundown: - , i.e. there isn’t any.

A couple of years ago for me, no sunrise and no sunset this time of year. Northern Norway :slight_smile:

8.52 - 15.20 now in Oslo.

It’s not my location, but my circadian rhythm.

I work alone, at home, which means I can get up, work, and go to bed any time I want. What this means is that I often work all night, go to bed at about sunrise, wake up for a few hours around noon, go back to sleep, and wake up around dusk. And somewhere in there I actually have time to be with my partner. But not a lot of sunshine. I have tried exchanging my a.m. and p.m., but it never sticks.

Hibernia Hibernation! Where do I sign up?

Light here only from ~7AM to ~5PM. Compared to you, I’m in the tropics.

Seattle is about the same latitude as Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Sunrise now at 7:36 and sunset 16:19.

I didn’t come to brag but when we moved here 2.5 years ago, every freaking doctor any of us saw for at least a year said “oh you’re new here, better take vitamin D.” not sure if it helps but I take the stuff. Of course for seattle, it’s the damn drizzle as well as the lack of light that gets to ya…

When I was in Arviat two years ago, there was almost no sunlight, but I am not there now.

Man, that’s for sure. I’m Chicago-area and the sun sets at 16:20, but most days it doesn’t set at all because it’s cloudy for like three weeks at a time.

This year we’ve been blessed, it has been sunny all through late November. It won’t last. It never does. God, it could drive a person insane.

09:30 and 14:45 here right now, at Christmas it’ll be 10:00 and 14:30. Don’t know if I should insert the “cool” or the “frown” smiley here.

But there are those who are worse off. In Tromsø, where Cicero recently visited, they don’t have any sunrise these days.

This year, I’m just South of the equator, so no prizes for me. My record, however was about 20 years ago when I was working in the Barent Sea, north of Norway. No sun for three months in the winter. It was not a good thing.

Thankfully we don’t have that problem in Ireland.

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