When is sunrise & sunset where you are today?

Now that daylight saving time has ended, we’ve entered a depressing stretch of months in the northeast with very, very, short days that end while it’s still afternoon…I know, I know we’re just cutting off the bottom of the blanket and sewing it to the top so the number of hours of daylight would be the same even if we eliminated standard time, but it feels worse with it getting dark earlier. YMMV.

But as I noted in another thread, I’ve never really wrapped my mind around the fact that our long summer days and short fall/winter days are not the case everywhere, not even in other parts of the country, and I don’t have a solid sense of where this changes.

So help a girl out, and tell me about sunrise and sunset where you are today, wherever you are.

Please give your location with country included - I’d love for international dopers to participate too. Inclusion of city/town 100% optional.
New Hampshire, United States
Sunrise - 6:35 a.m.
Sunset - 4:20 p.m.


Wincle, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Sunrise 07:32
Sunset 16:14

One thing I’ve found since moving to the countryside is that the shorter days are much more noticeable. The shorter days in London were mitigated by the vast amount of light emitted by houses, shops, cars, street lights etc.

Modesto, Ca
Sunrise 6:42a
Sunset 4:54p

Northern UK:

Sunrise 07.38
Sunset 16.05

Gary Indiana/Chicago Illinois:

sunrise: 6:37 am
sunset: 4:31 pm

South west UK:
Rise: 7:29am
Set: 4:29pm

Okay, I currently live in the North-East, so not much point in adding my day length. But here are the sunrise-sunset times for Oslo, where I grew up, and Trondheim, where I went to university, which should explain why the description of " very, very, short days" for the New England winter made me laugh. :wink:

Sunrise 08:11am
Sunset 3:50pm
Sunrise 08:37am
Sunset 15:27pm
And I grew up on a west-northwest facing slope of a hilly area, where you had to go at least a kilometer to see the sun from early December until mid January.

Warrenton Missouri
Sunrise: 6:45
Sunset: 4:51

I am in Ohio, toward the western side of the OP’s time zone.

Sunrise: 7:14 AM
Sunset: 5:15 PM

This is not correct. The total number of hours of daylight changes thought the year.
In your case, the longest day is something like 15 hours, and the shortest is just over 9: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/@5164292

The blanket altering analogy refers to DST-changes. Not to the seasonal ones.

Sunrise Today: 6:42 am
Sunset Today: 5:40 pm
Florida Keys

Lappeenranta, Finland:

Sunrise 8:09
Sunset 15:34

I work nights and haven’t seen the sun for weeks now. sigh

Alabama, USA

Sunrise: 6:16AM
Sunset: 4:52PM

Portland, OR
Sunrise 7:08
Sunset 4:41

Tucson, sunrise today was at 6:52 AM and sunset will be at 5:24 PM. Since we have no DST, there’s no drastic change to adjust to.

North Alabama:

Rise: 6:20am
Set: 4:43pm

10:23 of ‘daylight’ (complete cloud cover today)

Northeast Taiwan:

Sunrise: 6:07
Sunset: 17:04

I taught my students about daylight savings time last week.

Southeast Texas

Sunrise: 6:43
Sunset: 5:24

NE Minnesota

Sunrise: 7:09
Sunset: 4:35

Hate it!