Check out my new pet

[noparse]Picked him up[/noparse] from the pet shop just this afternoon.

He’s so adorable!

That thing gave my half-asleep brain the worst case of heebie-jeebies. For some reason, my brain saw “glistening one-tentacled octopus with the body of an AT-AT”.

Yeah, I get really disoriented when I’m tired.

An aborted elephant fetus. Well at least it’s a low maintenance pet.

Wow, not the puppy I was expecting. I also find myself a little upset, because when I see baby elephants on animal planet they look much better than that. Ew. Is it dead?

I sure hope it is alive.

Anyway what is a baby elephant without some Mancini?

Hilarious, except not. MOIDALIZE, I try to avoid making assumptions about people’s intentions, but since you provided no description with your link I think you were trying to shock people with a picture of a premature (dead) elephant. Don’t do it again. I’m locking this thread.