Check these baunch-nuzzlers out - Their main goal seems to be retaking the southwestern U.S. for Mexico by overwhelming it with Mexican immigrants, but mainly, they just hate those nasty, scheming Jews! One of the more unique and interesting hate groups I’ve run across.

That’s just wierd.

I crawl through the muck of the hate sites twice a year or so, just to remind myself of what’s out there waiting to bite my country in the ass, but I’d missed this one.

Um, “baunch-nuzzlers”?

Thank you Ferrous.

WHAT IN THE NAME OF JESUS and all of his angels at the right hand of the Father in heaven with Mary is a BAUNCH NUZZLER?

n. slang.
The area between the genitals and anus

syn. rind, grundle, chode, taint
v. nuz·zled, nuz·zling, nuz·zles
v. tr.
To rub or push against gently with or as if with the nose or snout: stroked and nuzzled the kitten.
To root or move with the snout.

v. intr.
To make rubbing or pressing motions with or as if with the nose or snout.
To nestle together.

[Middle English noselen, to bend down, perhaps back-formation from noselyng, on the face, prostrate, from nose, nose. See nose.]

nuzzler n.

My Gods, just how many names does the perennium have?

[sub]I think I butchered that spelling[/sub]

Yah…it’s “perineum”.

Is this site real? I read some of their articles, and I’m perplexed. If their target audience is Chicano and Mexican, why the hell isn’t this written in Spanish or better yet Nahuatl?

Wow, they are just nuts.