Is it "schwanzstucker" or "schwanzschtupper"?

Considering that you use your schwanz to schtupp, I think the latter is more appropriate but Google seems to disagree.

Teri disagrees with you.

I consider that definitive.

I always thought it was a botch of “zahnstocher,” or toothpick. He’d have an enormous toothpick. That goes without saying.

And I took it for granted that “stucker” was a cognate of “stick” (in its verb sense, like “stick it to them”).

I always thought she said “Schwanzstück”, which is actually sirloin, but since “Schwanz” is colloquial for penis and “Stück” means thing, it seemed to make sense to my teenage brain.

She clearly says schwanzestucker (or schwanzstucke) rather than schwanzschtupper. It’s made-up German, and this being a Mel Brooks movie it is obviously meant to be obscene.

The meaning of the first is more-or-less “dick-piece” or “dick-thing.” The second would mean “dick-fucker,” that is, someone who fucks dicks, so doesn’t make much sense.

And Mel made it very obvious what was being referenced with Teri’s “Oof” and Igor’s “He’s going to be very popular” comments.

And Madeline Kahn, as Frederick’s fiancee Elizabeth, gets to experience the schwanzstucker when she is a carried off by the monster. In Blazing Saddles, Kahn played femme fatale Lili von Shtüpp.

Schwanz means ‘tail’. Stück (pl. Stücke) means ‘piece’. So literally, Schwanzstücker means ‘tail-piece’. But since it’s a made-up word, probably flavoured with Yiddish, I suspect Brooks intended it to mean ‘tail sticker’. (I think a closer word for ‘stick’ might be stoß, ‘to push’.)

Not in this context. The slang meaning of schwanz in German is “dick” or “cock.” In Yiddish, it’s schvantz. The word, as I said, would mean something like “dick-thingie.”

You’re really over-thinking this. The intended meaning in German is pretty obvious.

‘Tail’ is slang for ‘ass’ and ‘vagina’. So ‘vagina sticker’ makes sense, and I don’t think I’m overthinking it.

But I’m not Jewish, and Mel Brooks is. I’ll defer to your definition.

Beyond that, Brooks was not noted for subtilty. The most obvious interpretation is almost certainly the one he meant.


In English, yes.

Right. Schwanz is not slang for “ass” or “vagina” in German. Just because its literal meaning is tail, doesn’t mean it has the same slang meanings as English does for that word.

Possibly her funniest line in the film

I believe the penis is a “tail” in that it’s long and cylindrical. In other words, it mimics the form of a true tail.

Did Mel Brooks make up “Schwanzstuck”? I’ve always assumed it is indeed a Yiddish word.

I don’t understand your point. Yes, a penis “mimics the form” of a tail. It also mimics the form of a finger, a pencil, a telephone pole, a rocket, an asparagus stalk, a drumstick, a banana, and probably several thousand other objects. That’s irrelevant to whether any of these terms actually mean “penis” in any particular language.

As far as I can tell from Googling, it was made up for the movie. As mentioned above, the Yiddish form of schwanz is shvantz.