Checking my bottom?

OK, I had a mini-stroke aka TIA. So I was the hospital and the nurse came to run some tests. She had me lay on my side and used a stethoscope on my back, and said she was “checking my lungs”. Then she pulled my underware open and said she was “checking my bottom”. I don’t remember any other nurse ever doing that. Is there a valid reason for that? Mind you, I don’t really object. :wink: But I wonder why she did that. Lots of other nurses check my lungs while I was there. Only she “checked my bottom”.

Medical advice is best suited for IMHO.

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Possibly a very red, flushed bottom might be a clinical symptom of something?

Did she just pull your underwear open and peer inside? :confused: What did she do, exactly? Was anything, eh, inserted? And was she hot? Details, man, we need details!

I keed, I keed…

Sounds like you’ve been watching way too much porn.

(That could explain why you have only 366 posts since 1999.)

Wait, she checked your bottom with a stethoscope? Or just looked at it? Or palpated it? Or, as already inquired above, poked something in?

Well, I don’t have eyes in the back of my head so I have to go by what I felt. I felt my underwear being pulled open. I assume that this was to look at my ass. However I cannot confirm that she looked. Nothing was inserted up my rectum. I felt her sethoscope on my back, but not on my ass.

I would say she was attractive, not “hot” really.

And I did not request any advice, I was simply seeking knowledge. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess she was just checking if your ass was “hot”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did she have reason to believe you had shit yourself?

(Why do I have the feeling our chain is being yanked here?)

Yeah, had you just farted or something?

when you get into hospital you get checked for a pressure sore. they are most commonly found on the sacrum. if you have one when you come to the hospital we get reimbursed for treating it. if you don’t, or you have one but it isn’t documented on admission, then the hospital doesn’t get reimbursed.
so nurses get told to check everyone’s ass. usually it doesn’t need to be announced because hospital gowns are not good at protecting your modesty. the other nurses probably checked your butt but were more discrete.
there is nothing less sexy than a hospital and you are dealing with people who see more ‘stuff’ than hookers and we aren’t being paid to pretend to be impressed. :wink:

What green2gold said. Looking for poop or sores would be a good guess, just for the initial records of the admission.

Thank you, green2gold! :slight_smile: It was nice to actually get an answer to my question!