Checking Road Conditions in the United States

I’m planning a trip from Omaha to Pierre, SD later this week. I’ve heard that they had some tornados and flooding in the region between. How should I check to make sure that everything is clear? My Google-Fu is failing me.


Google Maps has pretty good awareness of the things that will affect your travel, including road closures and slow-downs due to construction, crashes, and/or heavy traffic. If you use your phone for GPS guidance along the way (using the Google Maps app), you’ll get real-time updates of all of those things as you drive.

‘Waze’ has decent real-time mapping and nav, and updates are provided by other Waze users, including the presence of lurking police w/radar. The more users in the area, the more frequent the updates. You can customize or filter the info you see or receive if you get tired of constant warnings of “Watch out: vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead!” every time there is a vehicle stopped on the shoulder.

Pierre, SD!!!

I went there around this time last year, and I still wear the hat. It’s the smallest state capital I’ve ever seen. All of the businesses combined with “casinos” were amusing: ‘Car Wash & Casino’, it’s on main street, I kid you not.

There’s a museum over near the capitol building that’s pretty interesting. Lots of Native American artifacts, and I also learned that “Captain 11” originated in South Dakota, the longest running kids’ show of all time (that I’d never heard of previously).

Can’t help with the traffic, but enjoy Pierre!

Thanks, folks!