I HATE women who approach each other and kiss each other’s cheek and go,

The kissing I can handle, the sounds effects are idiotic.

I love it when women make those “MWAH!” klissing sounds. It means they’re big fakers, and good in bed.

:: blink ::

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that. (The fake sound, I mean.)

Clearly I don’t go to the proper fake parties.

Hmm. Pit material maybe?

But yeah, I cringe at cheek kissers. Especially if they’re kissing MY cheek. The only person who I like to hug or kiss is my husband. I’m not touchy-feely at all (my mom said that even when I was a baby I’d squirm away when she tried to cuddle me).

Big kisses on my cheek that leave a wet mark…euuuuugh.

Usually it seems to me to be more of a cheek touching cheek than a proper kiss. However, I am to the point now I prefer that to shaking hands. As soon as I shake, I am not comfortable again until I can wash my hands, or pull out my hand sanitizer bottle.

Yeah me too and I especialy always hated it when Bugs Bunny would dress up llke a woman then promptly kiss Yo Sammity Sam right dead square on the mouth while making that sound!

Then Yo Sammity Sam would turn red in the face with anger becuase it would be at that point he’d realize he’s been had by that “idgit” rabbit.

Which coincidently is pretty much what I do when this happens to me…

Gyahhh. Cheek-kissing is traditional in this city, but we refrain from going Mwah! (Unless we are using the objective case of the first-person singular pronoun.)

Or maybe we refrain because it’s traditional and we’re therefore not doing it to be cutesy.

How disgustingly pwecious.

You can tell the real insiders, because they “air-kiss,” never actually touching cheeks (spoils the makeup, you know.) :stuck_out_tongue:

How about the church ladies, who hug you enthusiastically and manage to get their make-up on your shoulder because of the height difference? That might only happen to me, though.

I was kissed on the forehead by a friend a few months ago and she made the mwah sound while doing it. I found it cute and endearing.

Of course, considering she’s cute, I have a crush on her, and that I’ve not been kissed by more than six women outside of my family probably colored my perceptions a bit.

I do cheek-kissing. Without the sound effects, though. Someone did that to me, I’d wonder about their level of dementedness.

A gallery’s just opened in London that has banned air-kissing, along with various other element of pretentious behaviour.

For some reason, this gave me the giggles. It’s the first time I have ever heard that name used for the Warner Brothers cartoon character. Naturally I had to check if I wasn’t fooled all my life into not realizing that’s the correct name. A Google search on “Yo Sammity Sam” only turns up 33 results, while “Yosemite Sam” returns about 48,600 results. Whew, I’m relieved! :smiley:

Back on topic. Here in the Netherlands it is considered good manners to give three cheeck pecks as a greeting. Thank god they are generally sound-effect free. And thank Og we don’t do this!

My family all MWAH, it’s a family joke. My son is 13 now and doesn’t really approve of mother kisses anymore but we always MWAH from across the room at bedtime. When we have been visiting Grandma we all do loud MWAHs as goodbyes (actual kisses are less common). MWAHs are fun. :slight_smile:

MWAHing anybody else would be just plain wrong.

Men dress up as women to kiss you?? :eek: No wonder you’d be red with anger. :smiley:

Hey, I thought we weren’t supposed to post direct links to stuff like that! My eyes!

Just kidding. Work-safe. Just not brain-safe.

My recommendation, if you’re approaching somebody who you know does the “mwah” thing, is turn your head at the last second and blow a huge raspberry against her cheek. That’ll show her.

I have a lot of female friends who are Hispanic and we sometime greet and say goodbye with a ‘real’ kiss, once to each cheek.

I’ve recently become acquainted with some women from countries where the tradition is 3 pecks (right, left, right or vice versa).

I sometimes forget and leave my 3-peck friends hanging after only 2 cheeks are taken care of.

Or, with my Hispanic friends, I forget and go for the third peck. At that point, I usually get a look that kinda like “WTF!”


Yeah, when I was living in Chile, that’s how you met and greeted people. I actually liked it, but now that I live in the U.S., the only people I do that with are the women in my family and some female friends.

[hijack]Does anyone still kiss their parents on the lips? I don’t mean like a big smacking kiss, but a little peck? Just curious.[/hijack]

All the roughnecks on my drilling rig used to do that fake kissing stuff too. I never did get used to that.