Cheerleader on 'Heroes' - permanent virgin? (TMI, for some, I suppose)

Will her hymen grow back after her first (and every subsequent) sexual experience? Will it grow back during, severing her lover’s penis?

I hope this question gets answered next season.

I think they’ve establish that she won’t heal an injury if anything is obstructing the wound. It wouldn’t grow back during. After is another matter.

I find it implausible that she could have been elected to the cheerleading squad while still a virgin in the first place.

She just regenerates flesh, she doesn’t have a stainless steel hymen.

It sounds like I need to start watching this show.

I love this message board. I really do.

No, during her autopsy scene, she regenerated her rib cage, and she and Peter (after he absorbed her power) grew their skulls back.

Jeez, you guys…how do you come up with these scenarios?

He was referring to the fact that a regenerating hymen wouldn’t cut through a penis, because it’s just soft flesh.

Okay, flesh and bone. In other words, normal human body parts. She doesn’t have an adamantium cooter or anything like that.

And oddly not the first time this thread has come up.

Several months ago Harry Knoles on wrote a column about the subject and how that character would forever be a hot teenager because her healing ability. The hymen question was also discussed in length.

Of course someone on here took offense to it and heaped tons of vitriol on Knoles for it.

Yep me to.

I mean where else would you find questions of such earth shattering importance?

Nowhere else, never, nossiree

chocs OK?

Surely you meant womb-shattering?

Don’t know about the chocs. I hate chocolate. Gotta ask the wife!

Am I the first to think: BAND NAME!!!

Haven’t seen the series, but I say “no”.

The hymen, in a mature, physically healthy woman, serves only a temporary purpose - to protect the vagina until it is time to reproduce. Unless the cheerleader girl starts regrowing her baby teeth, she’s not going to regrown unnecessary anatomy.

Alternatively, it’s completely possible to have a hymen that doesn’t break upon first coitus. It could be stretched a bit and then be pushed out of the way on penetration without causing pain or bloodshed. Unusual, certainly, but far more common than her healing ability.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of these things. I’ve commented in the past how bad it would suck to be a female version of Wolverine, and of course the issue occurred to me again while watching Heroes.

I agree, it’s arguable that having one’s hymen broken is not an injury in the same way breaking ribs or being fried by radiation, but more a natural progression.

Of course, if she’s lucky, she might have broken her hymen before her healing abilities manifested. It’s been known to happen during athletics or horseback riding and such.

Yea but she’s 18 now so we can discuss it guilt free :stuck_out_tongue:

Growth is strong. And his penis is soft flesh as well.

I’m reminded of the Sabrehagen Berserker story where some humans used a growing plant to crack a berserker’s brain casing.

I can’t believe the US government is wasting money on national defense and welfare and shit when they could be giving it to scientists to figure this kind of thing out.

Having a broken hymen isn’t what makes you a virgin, anyway. It’s the sex part that removes your virginity.

Or, considering she’s a cheerleader, doing the splits and high kicks a lot. Seems unlikely (for more than the snarky reasons) that many cheerleaders have intact hymens.

Wouldn’t that suck, though? How fast do you think she could heal a little flesh wound like that? Would every thrust be a new deflowering? “Oh, baby, just a little more…there, I think that was it. Are you okay? Oh, good, baby, good that feels so…damn, was that another one? Shh, it’s okay baby, come on, oh, yeah, oh yeah, oh…DAMN!”

I mean, would you have sex ever again if every time was your first time? Ow.