Cheerleader on 'Heroes' - permanent virgin? (TMI, for some, I suppose)

She seems to have a pretty high tolerance for pain though. Either that, or she just doesn’t feel pain. I’m not a woman, but surely getting your hymen torn is less painful then sticking your hand in a garbage disposal, and she didn’t have any problem with that.

That depends on who you ask.

Only because many people misuse the term. That doesn’t confer any validity on their statement.

A virgin is, by definition, someone who has not had sex. Virginity is, by definition, the state of being a virgin. Restoring one’s hymen does not wipe out any sexual experiences, so it does not restore one’s virginity.

Better still they could pass it across to the SDMB :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting question. I believe because of her regenerative abilities, she may never have had a menses and therefore might have fertility problems for said same reasons. I think"realistically" within the framework of true female reproduction she might be barren.
Maybe she can only “conceive” with her heroes “opposite”. Mutant reproduction is an interesting science.

If she did, maybe she could hire herself out as the World’s Funnest Mohel!

“And now, my son, you are a man.”

If she decided to get into group sex, and had one too many men, she could make an incision. Then she could get some action on the side. :smiley:

What if they were the last men on earth, and they had to impregnate her to continue mankind? Would they make the incision with a razor? After all, you know what they say- shave the cheerleader, save the world.


I haven’t seen the show, but why wouldn’t she have menses? Menstruation isn’t caused by an injury–it’s just caused by shedding uterine lining. Unless you’re counting shedding the uterine lining as a type of injury that needs to be corrected.

Hmm. What if she managed to get pregnant and miscarried? would it keep coming back, like the proverbial cat? same for abortions?

Also, even if the hymen did keep coming back, I don’t think it would be all that painful. Most of the “first time” pains, IME, were due to the overall tightness and the fact that the muscles down there are completely untoned and unused to having anything inside.

Jeez, that’s not what I’m saying. It’s not an injury that needs to be corrected… Way to twist the meaning… I am simply saying that because of her regenerative abilities that she might never shed her uterine lining and undergo a typical menses. I am getting at the fact that she might have reproductive difficulties because of this. IANAOBGYN, but it seems a possibility that she might have paradoxical difficulties getting knocked up.

Oh, and since you haver never seen the show, her regeneration seems to be spontaneous and nearly instantaneous and she has no conscious control over it. Her body just spontaneously regenerates. It’s purely speculation what effect this has on her reproductive functions.

I wasn’t attempting to twist the meaning. I was just wondering why you would think that someone wouldn’t shed uterine lining due to regenerative abilities. What is the connection there?

Her cells don’t die.

Nitpick, but the fact is that the hymen doesn’t protect a damn thing. Many women are born either without or with only a partial hymen, and many more experient partial or complete rupture of the hymen before having intercourse, and none have any greater incidence of problems than those with intact hymens. The hymen is, like the veriform appendix, an evolutionary leftover with no purpose or function in the modern human female.


Here body doesn’t regenerate per some imprint taken at a specific moment in time, like a vampire in a Rice novel. Claudia would have this problem. The what’s-her-face Hayden character would not. She’s able to grow and mature, so her body doesn’t seem dead set on reconstructing body structures that change between adolescence and adulthood.

Of course she’s also contradiction to conservatoin of matter. Regardless of blood or tissue loss, she seems to be able to regenerate to a state that puts her back at her pre-injury mass. Maybe she converts photons into matter? Regardless, I’m fairly sure I could turn her into a free-energy machine.

I’ve heard the same suggestion about Wolverine; let’s solve the world’s energy woes with engines that burn ever-regenerating Wolviemeat.

The same way we wondered if Superman is circumcised.

I was wondering about this. Has she ever had to regenerate a really massive amount of tissue? (Not just put back together but replaced). It would make it more interesting if it was shown that the mass has to come from the rest of her body (which I imagine she can replace quickly when she eats). It would mean she’s tough but not limitlessly so.

Just as a nitpick, a regenerated hymen would not renew her virginity. Virginity is not an anatomical condition, it’s an experiential one.

A body capable of regenerating itself at the speed of Miss Bennet would soon find itself torn apart by cancer (I mean, literally, the tumor would grow so fast it’d cause her to explode) or be ravaged by autoimmune disease (a neverending hell, as her body regenerated cells just as quickly as it destroyed them). We must therefore assume that she’s not so imperfectly designed (just as the super-strong woman isn’t torn apart by the forces she can generate). She’s almost certainly capable of all normal human physiological functions, including pregnancy.

However, she’d be impervious to virtually all forms of female centric birth control. She’d metabolize any artificial hormones instantly, surgical sterilization is certainly not an option, and I wouldn’t care to experiment with an IUD. So boys, even though she probably can’t carry any diseases either, wrap it up unless you want to pay child support for the next generation of mutants.

Not that we should be talking like this. If Mr. Bennet found out, he’d fucking kill all of us.

I wonder if her skin cells ever die and eventually get shed or if they are constantly rejuvenated and no new skin cells are generated. What would she look like if her body was continually creating new skin cells but the old cells never died.

The actress playing cheerleader was wearing a noticeably thicker layer of makeup than the other actors, including the women, so I don’t think her powers prevent acne. :slight_smile: