Cheerleader Outfits for Pro Football Teams

Has anyone seen these new Philly Eagles Cheerleader outfits?

They are Hot pants and a Bra, What happened to the Skirt and Top?

I know the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders sexed up there outfit, but man.

I wish I had a link but I don’t, but I saw it on FoxNews.Com.

I guess I just watch the game for the game not the cheerleaders.

Hey, I like cheerleaders as much as the next fellow. They’re right up there with Nurses and French Maids.

But DO enlighten me. Why is this in Cafe Society? Are you hoping to spark a fashion discussion?

Ike- as Groucho says ,“Move over & let me talk to the next fellow.”
Cafe Society-doesn’t sports go here? If this wasn’t the Eagles it might be somewhere else.

Our salon for art, drama, literature, movies, music – all the artistic disciplines – if it’s about art or entertainment, it goes here.

Sports only goes here if I suffer it to, or am too lazy to move the thread.

Fashion analysis is perfectly all right, especially if it concerns hot pants and brassieres in combination.

Minor hijack, if I might be excused, but who or what are the bullpen babes behind the Florida Marlins’ bullpen? Do the Marlins have cheerleaders?

I can’t argue with such great logic, Ike. Hear, Hear!

As for cheerleader fashions, you can’t go wrong with either of these: the Oakland Raiderettes or the U.S.C. Song Girls.

True, the Southern Cal girls aren’t pros, so to speak, but who can argue with those uniforms?

Personally, I think that anny team that plays in Florida, Texas, or a climate-controlled dome should have nude cheerleaders. Skirts and hotpants may come and go, but nekkid is always in style.

And Uke, cheerleading is obviously a performance art form, regardless of what clothes they’re wearing. Especially if they’re not.

And for those longing for links, here it is right from the source

Um, yeah, me too. I found that incredibly distracting and wanting of more bullpen reports.

Funny, I was at the sorry ass Panthers game last Sunday and found the Top Cat’s :rolleyes: costumes lacking. If you go to the Panther’s website it’s the Wilma Flinstone skirts, not the tight black pants. I aaaaalllllll for hot pants.

Well, I was going to put a link up, but Chronos beat me to it. But if you go to the main page you’ll see that they’ve linked to a Maxim photo shoot featuring NFL cheerleaders.

They should have probably gone with some Swashbucklers in there.

You mean like this?

here’s a link:

That “Maxim photo shoot” link isn’t work friendly.


I wonder How much they paid Wedding Dress/Evening Dress designer Vera Wang to design those outfits, I’m pretty sure anyone could have designed that outfit, especially since its just Hot Pants and a Bra.

It’s not too bad if you stop at the first page, and don’t look at the individual pictures. Speaking of, did anyone else look at the individual photos/calendar shots of the Philly Cheerleaders? Yowza, it’s a like a Victoria Secret photoshoot. The only downside is that they seem to have a thing for platinum blondes, and I don’t.

Some of those women have breasts.

Okay, I don’t know why I even opened this thread, as I don’t watch football and I’m a female who has no interest in cheerleading, but…

Ferchrissakes, that is not a uniform, that is underwear! Designed by Vera Wang? How much creativity does it take to design a freaking bra and boy-shorts. I’m… I… this breaks my brain. One more reason for me not to watch football. Geez.

How much do pro cheerleading uniforms cost, anyway? And where do they get them?

And how many does each cheerleader get? One? Two?

I’m thinking cheerleading might actually be considered a sport someday if the most visible cheerleaders would stop dressing like NYC hookers …

That’s because the Eagles Cheerleaders are now making a lingerie calendar so they have all kinds of sample photos from it on the website (this is the 2nd year of the calendar)

Firstly, did anyone else expect to see pro football teams wearing cheerleading outfits?

Secondly, I’m sure it is alright, but your statement included analysis like “hot pants suck” which I don’t think is what you meant :smiley:

Thirdly, damn public computer rooms :smiley:

Exactly what I was thinking.