What the heck is cheesesteak? Is it steak that is somehow prepared like or with cheese?

On another completely unrelated note does anyone know what kind of motorcycle Tom Cruise rode in Top Gun?

You’re kidding right? A cheesesteak is a sub-type sandwich made with thin shaved steak, with cheese melted on it, often served with sauteed onions and/or peppers.

Here’s one variety of Philly cheese steak. I’ve been to cafeterias that call grilled ground beef with cheese on it a cheese steak.

You’ll get better responses if you ask unrelated questions one at a time. The motorcycle afficiando who knows the answer to your second question may never look at this thread if they know nothing about cheese steak.

Kawasaki Ninja 900, 85 or 86 model.

OK, go ahead and make a liar out of me Berkut. :wink:


I loves me some cheesesteak.

And motorcycles.

Tom was riding a Ninja 900 :cool:

Peppers on a cheesesteak??? Hit the road, pal. Chipped beefsteak fried on a not-too-clean grill, shoveled into an Italian roll made especially for the purpose. Well-fried onions, and the cheese of your choice:provolone, American or whiz. Maybe, maybe a cherry pepper or two, if you’re in the mood. That’s it! No other choices. No brie, no baguettes, no toasting or broiling of ANYTHING, no “special sauce”. Wrap it up, or better yet, eat it where you bought it. Ask me how I know.

A real Philly cheesesteak must use Cheeze Whiz.


Can’t resist, quiltguy154, how do you know?

The thing about real Philly cheesesteaks is that:

  1. They are revolting things, made with unidentifiable slices of beef cooked on a dirty grill, put in the aforementioned Italian roll, covered in similarly unidentifiable orangy melty cheeselike substance and charred onion bits. Eating one is best done in a waterproof poncho, as you WILL cover yourself in grease. Eating one may also increase your insurance premiums due to the increased likelihood of heart disease; heck, you might as well just put a clothespin on your aorta.

  2. They’re extremely tasty.

I grew up in Philly and never heard of a cheesesteak. We went to Jim’s outpost at 62d and Haverford Ave. and got a steak sandwich, on a hoagy roll, with hot peppers and onions. It was thin sliced beef (there were persistent rumors that they also used horsemeat, not that it bothered me) fried on a grill as were the onions and peppers. I guess they would add melted cheese if you asked, but I never did. Just to know what was going on, I finally had a cheese steak a dozen years ago and was disappointed. I think the original without cheese is better. But I would give a lot for a genuine hoagy. The average (or even superior) sub doesn’t come close.

No. He was riding his Cheesesteak Special. :wink: :smiley:

Don’t ever come to Pittsburgh, then, and ask for a Primanti Bros’ cheesesteak-all the ingredients of the original cheesesteak-along with fries and coleslaw-ON the sandwhich.


Awright! cheesesteak origin war here!

Cites anyone? Before the M-W from 1978? I have no doubt it was there. Maybe under another name?

Philly or PIttsburgh. Show us the beef!

The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Experience:

Guiltguy154, I had a cheesesteak with peppers on it last week at Pat’s, right before I hit the Mutter museum.

I’ll second ** Hari Seldon’s ** experience.From the 50s when i was first introduced to them it was a “steak” sandwich.That’s shaved beef (certainly not the cuts most people are used to calling steaks from the loin) mixed with the onions on the grill.

In my earliest experience they also ladled a small amount of some au jus type gravy which was also sitting on the grill in a little container with small ladle.Made it much juicier somewhat like a french dip.

Cheese came later and I suspect it was because some of those shops turned out a mostly inedible,dry concoction.Might have even come from somewhere beyond Philly for all I know,but the original ** Hoagie ** shouldn’t be bandied about in the deli treat world alongside other sandwiches misslabelled hoagie.

It isn’t a type like sub,torpedo,grinder,hero=but a delight only found in about a 50/75 mile radius of the Delaware valley ** only **.

I think I got a little sidetracked there,I haven’t had a real hoagie in about 20 years :frowning:
You’d know if you ate one.It’s like calling a corned beef sandwich or pizza New York style in Idaho

How is this possible?

Awwwwww! You’re so sweet!

Anyway, you all are totally wrong! Cheesesteak is a male, 32 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, 5’11", 190 lbs. He likes romantic candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach and hot chicks who put out.

Here’s my own personal cheesesteak page complete with pictures and my own grammatically challenged commentary. That website is so good, so well done, I haven’t had to update it in years. Hurry, and you can be the 4th person this month to visit!