Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Macaroni & Cheese, in a can

I saw this at Menard’s earlier today. I understand the convenience factor and all that, but this doesn’t even sound good. :dubious:

heh its not even a authentic chef product… they inherited it when they bought out Franco-American of spaghettio’s fame

ever have that frozen bland mac and cheese in a tv dinner ? its like that with a bit more sauce …

I agree that it doesn’t. And bonus points for finding it in a hardware store!

Our local Menard’s has a sizable grocery area, which does include a few coolers with basics like milk, frozen pizzas, and eggs.

I thought he same thing but tried it anyway. It was surprisingly good. Not as good as homemade, but better than the Kraft blue box.

Them’s fightin’ words!

You have been branded as a potential subversive by Canadian Immigration.

Say it ain’t so! I love canned ravioli, but Mac n Cheese? nope!

I thought Campbell’s owned Franco-American now. I know Spaghetti-O’s still exist.

Also, the Chef Boyardee version supposedly pales in comparison to the old Franco-American version, according to a number of people who have tried both.

I bought a can on impulse and it sits on a pantry shelf. My oldest loves Mac and Cheese and even eats the microwaveable stuff but won’t touch it. I’m scared to try it because I’m afraid it will either taste like Satan’s Anus or I might actually like it.

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I’m sure you could add something to make it more palatable. Maybe combine it with a can of Beef-a-reeno.:smiley:

You mean Beef-a-rooty, right?

I loved it as a kid. Of course I’d melt a slice of Kraft American Cheese Product in it while it heated on the stove. That may or may not have improved the taste. Hey, I was a kid. I chewed the wax from those bottle shaped thingies just to get those few drops of sweet liquid in the middle.

Ooh… loved those wax bottle thingys.

I just bit their heads off and drank the juice.

Any time you store cooked pasta together with the sauce longer than the time it takes to pour the sauce on the pasta and carry it to the table, it’s going to come out a mushy mess suitable only for very small children, the very elderly, and any other people with no or questionable teeth. The instructions may as well read:

[li]Open can[/li][li]Dump directly in toilet[/li][/ol]

We always chewed them for a while and spit them out like very short-lasting gum.

And I like Chef Boyardee ravioli and Spaghetti-Os. Canned comfort food is underrated. I’ve never had canned mac & cheese but it can’t be worse than Kraft’s yellow powder version. I like homemade mac & cheese casserole, and occasionally the nicer pre-made kind like Stouffer’s, but otherwise I’m not really a mac & cheese fan.

Yeah, we’d get maybe 25 cents a week for allowance when I was little and I would sometimes buy a wax harmonica because it was big and seemed like it had a lot of bang for the 1/4 of a buck. Seeing as I chewed it and spit it out not long after, the cents per minute of enjoyment were probably the lowest.

I haven’t tried the substance in the OP, but I wasn’t a fan of

which seemed pre-digested.