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I maintain a Cooking Tips forum on another site, and traffic has been slow lately. I want to begin by assuring everyone that I am not making ANY money on this, and I’m not pimping for business. I just love food and want to share my passion with others. I also feel that life is too short to eat lousy food, and that most people would be surprised to discover that they can actually make delicious things without much more time and effort than it takes to drive to a fast-food joint or plop something in the microwave.

So stop by and see me! I’ll answer any questions you have: about ingredients, or technique, trade secrets, you name it. Posting recipes is also allowed, but I try to keep the focus on cooking tips.

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Come on down and let Chef Troy enlighten you!

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What’s the best thing to serve to an unliked guest in order to give him explosive diarrhea?

Well, there’s always the time-honored mousse au chocolat de la Ex-Lax, but your intended victim might get suspicious if he/she were the only one served.

You might be able to induce it psychosomatically be serving the victim a glass of lemonade and then having a friend walk by in a lab coat, saying, “Hey! This is lemonade! Where’s my culture of amoebic dysentery?”

BTW, the point of this is to encourage people to GO TO THE FORUM I linked above and post THERE. Then come back to this thread and leave lots of posts saying how wonderful it is. wink

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Any thoughts on how to minimize the rubber quality of squid? (the little beasts themselves, not the steaks.) Soaking them in milk before cooking seems to help, but the ones I make at home practically bounce, while the dishes I’ve had in restaurants prove it doesn’t have to be so.

Just to remind everyone of the OP purpose- if you have questions, go to Chefs linked forum and ask away…
I for one am on my way there now :slight_smile:

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I was at a cooking demo once and the chef had mentioned that if you cook meat on a bed of lettace, it helps to keep the juices in… it got me thinking… coz I have a tendency to do that from time to time… would it work the same with lettace on a bed?

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True or false:

Steak is supposed to be cooked nice and rare, where its juices and full flavor comes through, and overcooking a steak kills it and turn it into inedible beef jerky.

Not that I’m leading the witness or anything… :slight_smile:

Yer pal,

How badly have you injured yourself on a mandolin?

Given my choice of screen name, I am tempted to crack wise.

But given my awesome and superhuman talents in the kitchen, I will only point out that that neat slicey-knifey thing you’re referring to is usually spelled “mandoline.”


Satan - that is absolutely true. In fact, in some parts of the country, it is a law.

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sigh Okay, I’ll dispose of these quickly, so people can see a free sample of my work:

Felinecare: It’s true that if handled badly, calamari (aka squid) can turn to rubber. The key is VERY brief cooking time; the transition from tender, delicious calamari to rubber bands takes place in literally a fraction of a second.

Purplecrackwhore: I hadn’t heard of your variation on this cooking technique, although come to think of it, in Indecent Proposal Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore DID “cook” on a bed strewn with the kind of lettuce that has pictures of dead presidents on it.

Satan: Yes and no. The better the cut of meat, the more important it is not to overcook it. Really good steak should never be cooked above medium rare in my opinion; to cook it beyond that point allows the steak’s soul to escape. Some cuts of beef, on the other hand, benefit from long, slow cooking. (Of course those cuts are rarely used for steak, so I guess that’s irrelevant.)

Mojo: It’s called a mandoline – the other is a musical instrument – but yes, the little buggers can be deadly. Mine has a handle that attaches to the food being sliced to prevent you from inadvertently adding shredded long pig to the recipe.

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I could swear that the one I bought had “mandolin” on the packaging. (exhibit a: )

Even though mine has a protective doohickey, I’ve come pretty close to adding unwanted ingredients to food (“how do you get your julienned potatoes so red?”).

I concede that the above Website does spell it “mandolin,” but bear in mind that it also says that the aforementioned kitchen gadget is used by (my italics) chef’s and cook’s all over…

So my point is: How trustworthy is the spelling and grammar of the copy here?

this site also uses so many exclamation points everywhere that it looks like it was written by the Spartan cheerleaders from Saturday Night Live. rolls eyes

That aside, I checked my resources and it turns out that both spellings are acceptable but the final “e” is preferred.

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Back to the top wi’ ye.

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I just thought to say that I am not bearcub from Chef’s website. Although, I can say with 99.9999999% certainty that he is gay due to his nick. :slight_smile: WOOHOO! It is a good site btw. I love cooking and cook fairly well.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

SqrlCub - you’re GAY???

Thanks for the forum Chef - I look forward to your guidance.

Sqrlcub, if Cubby IS gay, he may not thank you for revealing it: He is (or was…can’t remember) in the Scottish Navy.

You know, “Dinna ask, dinna tell.”

Hey, Troy, thanks for answering my question. Tonight my paralegal dines on Arroz con Pollow Casserole! Prepared by me, though, so God help her.

Nifty site you got there, and I appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but Chef, the British Navy embraces the great traditions of “rum, sodomy, and the lash” ! They’re ALL gay!

On getting rid of unwanted guests…

I once had lunch at a school where they teach catering and had a big bowl of delicious soup that was somehow prepared with mineral oil. Painfully explosive but very easy to trace unfortunately.