Chef Troy asks for the Teeming Millions' Help!

I am in the running for a potentially VERY lucrative freelance job that will involve extensive research on a wide variety of singers, songwriters et al. Can any of you recommend some web sites with a good supply of music trivia, either about a particular artist or a bunch of 'em? (The general categories are Country, Pop, R&B, and Rock/Alternative.)

I would be really grateful for any suggestions. Whoever comes up with the best advice can have my secret recipes for shrimp creole AND for peach bread pudding. (guaranteed to make your date sleep with you!)

Live a Lush Life
Da Chef

You can try:;list (A webring of music trivia sites) (The Internet Music Resource Guide - looks promising) - has an amazing number of links to country music info, and also to pages with similar lists of links relating to other music genres.

If that’s not enough to fry your brain with music trivia: (dogpile search results, page 1)

Billboard is still the best source of facts about top 40, but they only sell stuff in books, CD roms etc.

The Cleveland museum…

Chef, wish I had better ones to offer but I don’t do a lot of music research on-line. However, I have found that MTV’s site (see link below) has links to band sites and generally some good links that may help.
Hope it helps! Good luck with the job; hope you get it!

Also try the All-Music Guide (one of the best music research sites around) at, and the Ultimate Band List (