Chef Troy, I'm curious?

Okay, I’m a big huge fan of Scandle Sheet, and I think I’ve told you before that I usually read it every two weeks or so, so I can read a few at a time and get a bigger fix.
You could not imagine the suprise at seeing my name in print. Not sure if that is what you or the Mrs. meant to do, but it sure took me of guard, and I had to call my friends right away!
But, I’m ever so confused on how to feel?
On one hand it’s wonderful being shown as a vixen who makes men melt and studder, but on the other hand she’s a “life sucking harpie”.
We won’t even discuss the Anna Nicole thing. :dubious:

So, can you fill me in? Well, I mean can you give me a hint on where this is going? If it’s purely coincidental I’ll just carry on with my humble little life. Either way I did want to thank you because it did brighten my day!
Much love to you and the family and many thanks for making me smile.

In case anyone would like to see what Kricket is talking about, here’s the link:

As I just told Kricket in IM, the character she’s referring to is indeed named after her - but the “life-sucking harpy” quality is not meant to represent her.

By the way, any of you folks who didn’t know I draw a Web comic, I would really appreciate it if you’d click over and check it out, then tell me what you think!