Chefs- need your help

I was making Gay Lim Sook Mi Gai Tong which is just chicken and corn soup. However, the recipe said to fold egg whites into the boiling mixture. When I did this I immediately had strands of cooked egg.
What am I doing wrong?

Why do you think you’re doing something wrong? Chicken and corn soup does have strands of cooked egg - the eggs are not invisibly incorporated into the soup. See the following image for an example.

As **Blue Mood ** said. And it must be so, you can’t add egg whites to hot water and NOT get strands of cooked egg white.

Thanks folks- the soup tastes better now.

Another common name for chinese soup which contains egg is “egg drop soup”.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a particular kind of soup, but rather an ingredient in soup, but ymmv.