Chen019, go outside and have some fun!

Seriously dude I am imagining you as Comic Book Guy in that episode of Simpsons where a nuke is dropped on Springfield.

Seriously man, you spend waaaay too much time gathering and posting evidence in the racial inferiority threads, and now you have branched out to making sure everyone is pessimistic about Africa as a continent:

On your death bed will you really feel good about this? Did an African guy kill your dog or something?

Spend your life on something worthwhile, like creating kitten memes.

Go outside? Go outside?

Do you know what kind of people are lurking outside?

Chiropractors. They eat their wounded, you know.

You know - I just came back from outside. It is magical out there! Trees, grass, birds…who could have imagined it? It’s like a whole alternative universe.

It’s gotta be an alternate universe if a crab rangoon is posting on the internet.

Africa needs more kitten memes …

Don’t they only come out at night?

mostly …

Depends. African or European?

He’s a simple mental case. A nutjob who, in three years, hasn’t made a single post that wasn’t a perverted misquote or a racial doomsday warning. Run, hide in your bunkers people.

No shit! There’s an unshielded nuclear furnace out there! :eek: Quick, to the mineshafts!

In Africa, internets post on crab rangoon.

Hiding from Chen 19 and his fellow travelers is probably a good idea. I suspect that many of them are one failed exam, one rejection by a woman, one eviction notice away, from going berserk.

I’d say they were 1 failure away from going berserk several failures ago…

Hehe, hadn’t heard that one. You, sir, gave me a good chuckle. Cheers, mate !

I’ve wondered the same thing. The guy is completely and unhealthily obsessed with race. NDD was almost as bad, but at least NDD could and would engage others intelligently on various topics that had nothing to do with race. I imagine Chen019 scouring the intertubes every waking moment for the smoking gun that will once and for all prove the inherent inferiority of blacks. It’s sick, it’s sad, and I hope he gets help.

Didn’t read thread… saw title, going outside.

And hopefully, there’ll be fun there!



Not only that the damn thing is on fire!

And it is only 8 light minutes away!