Cherry Yogurt

I will never again eat cherry yogurt. And this time I mean it.
I don’t know what it is about that delicious food that ties my digestive system in knots. Cherries are fine. Other kinds of yogurt are fine. Cherry yogurt kills me every time.

Lord of the Horde indeed!

Do you not remember, my little reincarnated Viking, the dragons we slew at Yorth Hiligath in the fields of Brynnthc beneath the full moon ere the mighty hunter set with the coming winter snows? How the stench of their hot breath stung our nostrils as we two, mortal enemies united under the siege of the great wyrms, played might and skill against the evil that would undo all? How my steel flashed like lightning while your blows rained down upon their vile hides like hail and thunder, the likes of which gave even the great Thor pause? Do you not remember splashing the walls even of Valhala with the gore of the beast? How we, bathed in the ichor of our common enemy, dragged each other through the pits of the most wretched beast, Canaal Nathur The Red, and strove with him for a year, taking as our only sustinence his sickly sweet flesh and sinews even as we took sleepless combat unto him, until you forced your way into a fisure in his scales which I danced out with my stinging blade, Viilnitinaab, writhed your way through his very guts to drive your mighty axe through the trobbing stone of his heart, cleaving it twain? The stone halves you took as your booty and set them aside either half of your axe head which later hung on the wall above the hearth of the hall of Dimrojinkl, in the highest hall of Valhalla! when you at last ceded your own blood to the poison dart of Burt, the Lesser?

Now. Does not the taste of Cherry Youghurt liken itself to the horrors of the pit? And the foul diet you endured then? Ever will your soul be sickened by the evil you consumed in its destruction. Remember?

I love charries, but I hate anything with “cherry flavor”…tastes like cough syrup.

“cherries”, even! :smack: :smack: :smack: