Chest Wigs?!?

A friend of mine once told me that he heard that some heavy metal rock stars had “chest wigs” so it would appear that they had manly hairy chests. (Like Mike Meyers in the “Austin Powers” movies!) It seemed kind of bizarre to me, but it also made sense in a strange sort of way-- men certainly spend money on toupees and such, so why not augment that area as well? Does any one know if this is true or not?

If there’s merkins, well, why not?

From Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: mer·kin
Pronunciation: markån
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): -s
Etymology: origin unknown
1 obsolete : the hair of the female genitalia
2 : false hair for the female genitalia

…and if they are made in the US of A, would they be " ‘mercan merkins’ "? :smiley:

Incredibly possible, and easy.

A clear medical grade, water proof adhesive is applied to the area. Dries clear, and hair can be bonded to the area strand by strand, in small patches, or in one larger prepared piece. Conisidering the denisity and the nature of chest hair, it’d be pretty easy.
Holywood make up artists have perfected many techniques that find their way to salons and general use.

There’s an episode of Are You Being Served in which the employees come to work in casual dress. Mr Spooner shows up with an open vest and no shirt. Miss Brahms looks at him and says

“I never knew you had a hairy chest.”
“Oh, yeah. I’ve had it for years. You want it?”

He then lifts off a chest toupee and drops it into her cleavage. IIRC the piece is hairy, but not unusually so.

In the film Moon Over Parador, there’s an extreme close up of Richard Dreyfuss applying a fake mustache. The hair is attached to a backing of very fine mesh. It would be easy to use the same techniques to make a chest hair appliance.

I cannot see such a thing being used in everyday life. But for actors and models, it makes sense.

Since then of course- at one time in the not so distant past- chest hair was considered sexy & manly- I wonder what those idiots who have their chest hair lasered off are going to do when the wheel turns back? Chest hair implants? :rolleyes: :dubious:

Has this friend played GTA Vice City by any Chance? In it there is a commercial for Chest Wigs (from a medallion shop IIRC).

BTW GTAVC is the one set in the 80’s.