Chewing gum has taste like insecticide-smell after some chewing

Anyone else notice this? I chew sugar-free gum, right now I’m chewing a couple sticks of Extra Spearmint. I noticed, like I know I have before in the past, that there’s a flavor note that reminds me of how insecticide smells. It might be spearmint only.

I may just have extra-finicky taste buds, but I think there are quite a few brands of gum that develop odd, “off” flavors after chewing for a few minutes. Extra Spearmint reminds me of dill pickles. There was another citrus flavor that was fine at first but then started to taste like green peppers. Very odd!

That’s why you should stick to Fruit Stripe. Not a hint of flavour after eighteen seconds.

Wonder if it has any citronella in it? It’s used as a flavoring agent as well as a natural insect repellent.