I'll buy your gum if it looks SHOCKINGLY MINTY

I just noticed how easily I am allured in to buying whatever gum looks THE MINTIEST. I tend to go for Dentyne Ice . . . seems like every time I buy gum (which is rarely . . . mainly when I fly) there is a new flavor that I just HAVE to buy . . . it’s just too minty not to.

For example, I am currently enjoying “Shiver Mint” Dentyne Ice. On the package, the logo is BURSTING from a cool turquoise sea surrounded by jagged blocks of ice. It looks like a flavor explosion.

I forget the names of their other mint flavors, but they were in the tune of “Arctic Blast” and “Glacier Freeze.”

I’m curious as to the actual difference in flavor in the different flavors. I would not be at all surprised if it is the exact same peppermint gum as always, just in a new package.

I like spearmint altoids a lot. I also hear good things about Penguin mints.

Shockingly Minty? Sounds like a band name to me!

One of my favorite memories of London was this incredible mind-blowingly minty gum. Standing in the airport waiting to board, I was perusing the rack of unfamiliar names just hoping for something that said pick me! I’m minty! and I spied the familiar Wrigley’s brand. Hey, I know them, they’re good and minty, right?

I unwrapped it as soon as I left and popped a few pieces into my mouth and shazaam! It’s mentholated mintyness! Tears immediately sprang to my eyes, my nose started streaming, I exhaled and folks fifty feet away appeared refreshed by the cool minty breeze.

Naturally I went back and spent the rest of my unchanged money buying the rest. It was incredible fun passing it around when folks unsuspectingly asked for a spare piece of gum.

Sadly, I’ve never been able to find it here. But it truly is shockingly minty! :smiley:

I like Excel Polar Ice. Because, of course, ice is mintier at the north pole. It’s also very potent. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the gum that Queen Tonya described.

I tend to chew at work, and I usually buy Dentine Ice – just the regular peppermint. I’ve tried a few of the variants – Midnight Mint, which was relatively vile. (Shockingly minty black licorice) I tried the Cinnamon Mint, and the Spearmint Ice, but the flavours just detracted from the refreshingly minty peppermint flavour.

I’ve also tried the Excel gums, but they seem to lean too far into the purely cold territory – like a hot sauce with no flavour, Excel was more menthol than peppermint. Tried Excel’s weirdly named ones, too – Fuse, Voltage, Charge, Shock. All I can say is, ick. So, I’ve stuck with Dentine Ice Peppermint until something better comes along.

ETA: The crunchy chicklet-type ones, not the soft chews, which are a bit too soft even after having been chewed to death, and not nearly as minty, even though they bear the same “ice” moniker. They do have attractive blue flecks in them, though.

That’s my favourite too. It’s nice and minty, and great for when I go out swing dancing, so I don’t breathe my last meal all over my partners.

The blue flecks you mention . . . those would be flavor crystals.

There’s no point in getting non-chicklet style gum UNLESS it has flavor cyrstals . . . it’s the best part. If only there was a chicklet style gum that also had flavor crystals!!

Also, only chicklet style gum can truly be “icy” (and therefore more minty) relative to regular gum. Ice is hard, not soft and chewy. When you first bite into a chicklet, you have to crush it like ice in your mouth. Truly refreshing.

No . . . outrageously refreshing.

They should have called it Wilt Chamberlain.


I love me my Altoids, though those new Tic Tac Ultra, or Extra, or Penultimate or whatever they are called, are pretty fine too. Very Minty.


Not gum, but those Liquid Ice things are like a minty slap in the mouth. They taste too much like artificial sweetener to be truly edible, though.

Are they anything like being slapped in the face with a minty trout?
Oh. Sorry. Carry on.

I misread the title and thought to myself, now why would anyone want a green gun? Especially in that horrific mint green?

And then I thought, well it is St. Paddy’s Day.

Never mind…

I am chewing a piece of Dentyne Ice Artic Chill (GO BOLD!) and it is Mintylicious! The kind of mint that creeps up the back of your sinuses and fools your nose into thinking you’re in sub-freezing weather. I bought a tiny 12-pack box of the stuff at Costco. Oooo, I have a gross of Chiclet-style pieces of gum!

They all (the packs, that is, not the gum itself) have a “Dentyne-ism #12” on the back: “If all else fails, hit the ground and start flailing.”

I love this Dentyne Ice commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsVcCheQXWo

I enjoy the gum too, particularly the orange mint flavour.

You are standing in a clearing. There is a strange man here with an expectant look on his face. Exits are south and east. There is a minty trout here.
> Oh, not this shit again.

Shut yo mouth!

Flavor crystals my butt. They’re just chewing bling. I bet if you picked all the little flecks out, the gum would taste exactly the same. Go on, try it! And post pictures.

I would gladly accept your challange . . . the only problem is that the allure of the flavor crystals is so powerful, I would end up chewing all of the gum before I could complete the experiment.

That’d be Airwaves. It’s so minty that your head explodes - not in a bloody pulp of brains and bone, but in a crisp cool shower of minty icicles and pure running springwater in a Scandinavian glacial eucalyptus grove.


I don’t suppose any of you UK dopers are looking for a trade? :smiley: