Chicago-area Dopers: Find the hidden C.C. Case!

The esteemed Bricker has tracked down the long-ago Canadian Club “hidden case” puzzle for the Chicago area, which is reprinted at the bottom of this post.

The CC is long gone, but it should still be fun to solve the puzzle—to the extent the clues are still valid after 30 years. “Solving”, in this context, means not only determining the location of the case, but in decoding the many clues along the way.

Rather than use spoilers on a 30-year-old puzzle, I’m going to ask that anyone who wants to try this cold should stop reading after this post. Unboxed commentary can be added in later posts.

Here’s what I know so far: The puzzle begins at the Tribune Tower, which has “stones from around the world” embedded in its outer walls. Mies van der Rohe said “less is more”. The “oldest dwelling” is probably Fort Dearborn, which was located at Michigan and Wacker. The “famous paddler’s place” is probably either the Marquette Inn, at 60 W Adams, or the Marquette Building at 140 S Dearborn. “Go against the flow” is a coy reference to the Chicago River flowing out of Lake Michigan, not into it.

But who is the “old bald cheat”? Where are the “footloose rocks”? What is the building that doubles itself? I have no clue.