Chicago dog lovers-- HELP

My coworkers’ brother haas a ten yr. old yellow Lab ,very active and playful, but being medicated for epilepsy.
Apparently, he is off medication with no ill effects but I would expect to get him checked out
The brother is moving to FL tomorrow and we just found out he is planning to have Lucky put to SLEEP because he doesn’t want to be bothered with a dog in FL.:(:mad:

If anyone can help with a new loving dog, please call me at 847-562-1100 (Mike Gilbert)

I will pick up the dog and deliver him.
I am going to take the dog today but due to financial constraints, I can’t keep him long.

Mike, contact Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue.

The coworker’s brother is a heartless asshole who doesn’t deserve to have a dog.

update: The dog has been off meds for 6mo.- no reason given for the stoppage. He gets seizures but hopefully they will be mitigated by resumption of phenobarbitol ($15/mo.)

Go with the rescue folks. I’d take him but I’m already at my town’s legal limit of dogs (3).