Chicago Dope Fest - Business Thread

The prior discussion thread rambles a lot, with a lot of side topics.

I’m therefore opening a new thread, and asking that folks PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – do not get involved in side discussions. Just post times/dates that you can (or can’t) make it for a Chicago Dope Fest. Keep this thread focused.

If you want to discuss side issues (past Chicago SD Get-togethers, how to handle multi-person restaurant bills, etc), go to the prior thread: Let’s keep this one focused, focused, focused. It’s hard enough to tabulate and figure out who can be where when, without these distraction conversations. NOTE: If anyone does post extraneous stuff here, please REPORT it (little ! in red triangle in upper corner of post) and I will move it to the other thread.

And we need a volunteer to tabulate and co-ordinate. dalej42, since you started the prior thread, are you willing to do that?

I can pretty much attend any day of the week, any time of day, through mid-August. Both locations discussed previously (Goose Island, Galway Arms) work fine for me.

Okay, who’s next?

Prefer happy hourish, or if on the weekend, in the afternoon. Most days work, with a few blocked off on my calendar.

Sure, I’ll tabulate.

I’m free any Friday afternoon and any Saturday afternoon from now until Labor Day weekend. July 14th, I’ll be at Galway anyway as I’m taking a bus from there at 530 to the Chicago Fire game.

Actually, since Friday July 13th was already unpopular, let’s scratch that as a possible day, I’m going to the D-backs/Cubs game that afternoon.

**Tracyfish **and I will be in Chicago November 8th-12th, if that helps.

It doesn’t help.

It’s an excuse for a fall dopefest :slight_smile:

How about Thursday the 12th?

I work an overnight shift in the Loop from 1130 AM-8 AM Sun-Thurs. Weekday nights don’t work for me.

Make that 1130 PM-8 AM during the week. Friday and Saturday are my only options.

Not that anyone cares but Saturday is about the only day I can do.
My wife works a late shift so I have the kids to watch and make dinner for during the week and frankly I don’t want to go out drinking on a Sunday :wink:

I could do the 14th. Coming from a BBQ so I’ll be pre-oiled.

The 14th is fine for me, even if it is a mini dopefest. I’m going to be at Galway Arms that afternoon anyway since I’ll be pregaming for a Chicago Fire game that night.

Sounds like the 14th is shaping up to be the winner. Now, all we have to worry about is a time. Are we talking 1-ish? or more like 5-ish?

I can only do any weeknight around happy hour time, and I really have to wait until that day to see if I can actually make it. Galway Arms and Goose Island both work, and other than that I’d prefer anything close to downtown and/or a northward train line.

The 14th then? Galway Arms? Could do lunchtime or evening. Have a BBQ during the afternoon.

At 530 PM, I"m taking a bus from Galway to the Chicago Fire game that night. Anytime in the afternoon is fine with mne.

Can’t do the 14th. Gah!

We’re talking 14th July, right, this coming Saturday?
I think I’ll be open, at least for a while…

What time? And what’s the address??

Galway Arms is located at 2442 N Clark. just north of Fullerton on Clark.

How about lunch? I have to go to the 'burbs for a BBQ so mid afternoon won’t suit me. Evening would suit.