Chicago Fire - new TV series

Honestly, I am probably the biggest Chicago chauvinist on the face of the earth. You set a TV show in my home town, and I am likely to love it. Even if it sucks.

I thrilled to “Crime Story” in the eighties; still have the DVD complete set and watch it regularly. I set my DVR to record “My Boys” a few years ago, despite its shortcomings, and I watched it religiously. The Bob Newhart show back in the day goes without saying. And I practically jizzed in my trousers watching “The Chicago Code” last year, and wept openly when it was cancelled.

That said, tonight I watched the premier episode of “Chicago Fire.” Wow. Color me underwhelmed. It isn’t a bad show, mind you, but it is totally, completely, and utterly lacking any reason to watch it. Just another bland, obvious, and totally non-innovative drama about an obviously but prosaically exciting profession. Other than a very brief cameo by the Tiny Dancer himself (Rahm Emanuel), and frequent glimpses of the Trump Tower on the horizon, it might as well have been set in Dubuque.

I don’t think I’ll watch episode two. Hell, “The Mob Doctor” was more compelling. Maybe that hasn’t been cancelled yet?

I didn’t find it very compelling either.
Who knows, maybe they can save it.

I’ll give it a go again, hopefully it will find its feet.