Chicago Fringe Festival?

I’m going to be moving to Chicago from Minneapolis soon (in like… 10 days) and one of my favorite things to do during the summer in Minneapolis has been to spend two weeks overdosing on small theater at the [shameless plug]Minnesota Fringe Festival[/shameless plug].

Well, once it became apparent that the move to Chicago was, indeed, going to happen, I started researching Chicago and whether it has a Fringe Festival (or, rather, as I was wording the search when it began, "When is the Chicago Fringe Festival). Much to my dismay, a search of the web has come up totally empty (with the exception of references to The Chicago Fringe Theater and Busker’s Fesitval on other Festivals’ sites). Now, to me this raises a few possibilities:

[li]Chicago has a Fringe Fest, but damned if it has a presence on the web.[/li][li]Chicago has a Fringe Fest, and its web site has escaped the attention of every search engine I use (I knew AskJeeves must be good for something!)[/li][li]Chicago at one time/intermittently had/has a Fringe Festival, but not now/recently.[/li][li]Chicago has no Fringe Fest, never has, and any references to it are the result of a seriously deranged mind.[/li]
So, are there any theater people out there who can shed some light on this situation for me?


I don’t need you anymore.