Chicago Reader - who reads it?

Does everyone here read the ‘Chicago Reader’ then? As I live in England, I never have.
I read that thing at the bottom of the page, and it says

‘By posting on this board you grant the Chicago Reader, Inc., and its successors and assigns a nonexclusive irrevocable right to re-use your posting in any manner it or they see fit without notice or compensation to you’
do they ever print posts in the paper?

I read it once in a while. The burbs get a truncated version with fewer of the annoyingly self-approving articles. What’s left is mostly Cecil, ads for music clubs, and the want ads.

I read it, for the same reason I read the City Paper when I lived in D.C.:

Classified ads - 's how I found my roommate, my apartment, my guitar teacher
Comprehensive listings of things going on in the music, theater, film, & art scene in Chicago
Bizarre personal ads that you can make fun of
Overlong articles written by tragically hip 20-somethings

Nukeman, I don’t think you have to worry about your posts being front page news anytime soon, but if the Reader did want to do a story on funky message board culture, they certainly could. For example, Ed can choose any thread he wants for Threadspotting, on the Straight Dope homepage, without consulting you. So if once you solicited opinions about your girlfriend using a strap-on on you, it could be featured in Threadspotting months later, much to your embarrassment (do a search on Satan and Ass to see what I mean).