Going on 4 years...and I haven't the foggiest idea what the Reader is all about.

Should I be admitting this?

Mystery keeps a marriage alive?

It’s some sort of newspaper, isn’t it?

Well, that part of the country can be kind of mistifying…

Out of Chicago?

It’s a weekly “alternative” paper. They don’t generally cover hard news, but focus on features instead. They also have copious entertainment listings. About.

I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Does this have something to do with KFed? Tampons? Israel?

I’m guessin’.

If their adds are any example, it’s about tawdry sex.

I’ve never seen one.

Is it a kind of…frog? :dubious: :confused:

It is the free newspaper which uses the cheapest, most hand-staining ink in the free world.

That Chicago newspaper on the TV show that came a day early.

Nice show.
Liked the cat and the Blind Lady.

Which Reader? This one?

Ohhh, space! Cool!

It’s what the mods blame whenever they have to make up a justification for a rule, and can’t think of anything better.

“Well, uh… the Reader could get in trouble if we allow this sort of thing.”

Whether it exists or not, I’ve always thought to be a very sketchy matter.

Newspapers can’t read. Shouldn’t it be called the Readee?

Well, whoever you are Chicago Reader, a hearty “Thank You!” from us all! :smiley:

Can you suck up, or what?


Thank you, Sam