Chicago Undertown Column

Since I started the whole mess, I figured I might as well comment on the column, too.
Ze Column In Question.


  1. Thanks very much for all the work on it. You did answer my questions about how much of Undertown is spun from the Never-never of Butcher’s imagination and how much has at least some factual basis, however teeny.

  2. Details about the books were omitted because, hey, Sue the Zombie Tyrannosaur is the coolest Zombie EVER, but really she didn’t go into Undertown so was irrelevant to the question. :smiley: And I’m not even going to go into whether or not there are grendelkin in Chicago. I’ve met some very weird people there, and I’m not going to speculate on their origins.

And as for malks, well…I also believe that cats are pretty much evil, so it’s not exactly a stretch to assume they can talk and all are pretty much Chaotic Psychotic. I mean, really, he wasn’t saying anything about cats that I didn’t already suspect.
Exception to the Chaotic Psychotic Rule: Mister. Dunno exactly what he is, but he ain’t no normal cat.

  1. Harry Dresden is way way cooler than Harry Potter. Potter can’t wisecrack to save his life. Dresden - well, it’s a way of life.

  2. Bob exists. I’m not going to give that hope up. Somewhere in this world, there is a skull inhabited by a smartassed “demon of knowledge” who is also an incredible perv and incurable romantic.

  3. Dex has read only most of the books and he did the fanboy thing? Next time you need a Butcher fan, gimme a call. I’ll squee at him for ya. :wink:

  4. Freight tunnels: Holy crap. Way cool.

Again, thank you very much. Well done. :cool:

That was a fun column and Kudos to the team for giving Mr. Butcher so much free press. No all of their column was needed to answer the question, but it was nice of them to include it.

An affronted Dex informed me that he had in fact read ALL the books, so the column has been amended. If we make Butcher interviews a regular thing, we’ll put you on the panel.

It sounds a lot like the Seattle Underground to me; perhaps it played an inspirational role as well?

Yeah, was I pissed at that draft. I’ve read all of the Dresden books* and I was willing to sacrifice by watching that [insert expletive] stupid movie, too. But it was worth it to be in on the phone call with Jim Butcher.

BTW, for those unaware, he has his own boards and discussion area:

  • OK, I’ve read them three times, but I gotta avoid the impression of being a total nerd. Partial nerd, OK, I can live with that.

Yup, that’s what I was thinking of, too. If only Butcher’s U of O teacher had included Seattle on that map, he might really have been onto something.
The Seattle tour is very interesting, btw.

OK, I’m going to have to go read some of these books now…

I’d expected he had, given his latest response in the original thread.

And, really? I know it’s a seriously remote possibility, but just in case…


On behalf of those of us who aren’t concerned with giving total-nerd impressions, I feel compelled to reply… “only three times? Pfft. Piker.” :wink:
(FYI, for those of yez which have only seen the “main” books, there are also several Dresden Short Stories scattered around, plus a Novella featuring Thomas. EXCELLENT read. AND Storm Front is coming out in [del]Comic Book[/del] [del]Graphic Novel[/del] Comic Book form soon!)
Seriously, though, I thoroughly understand. Did you get to watch any of the series? I thought that the WW2-era Jeep was a nice replacement for the Blue Beetle - and given Butcher’s comments on his MB about it, I think if the BB ever gets blowed up real good, Harry might go scouting for a Jeep instead…

And to be in on THE phone call…dang…

::envious sigh::

Although I love the Dresden files, I have to say that I think I enjoy his Alera series even more. If you also enjoy a more traditional fantasy, give this a try. (If you follow the watcha reading threads, you’ll often hear me hype them.)

Oh oh oh, the Codex Alera series! YES, those are excellent. Did you know he had the concept of those first, but he couldn’t find anyone that wanted to publish a “swords and sorcery” series?

Let’s face it, I just love anything he writes.

If you haven’t seen this, check it out:

I just finished Cursor’s Fury (I’m a bit behind, partially because I can’t afford to buy them in hardcover), and agree that the Alera series is very good. I think I have all the collections that have Dresden short stories in them; I need to track down the novella featuring Thomas, though.

Link to the thread in Cafe announcing the book signing in Chicago (just in case you didn’t know…)

OH, and he’s got a comic book / graphic novel out, too, called “Welcome to the Jungle”. Excellently written and illustrated. Good story, too.

I have the graphic novel, and I agree. After I bought it I found out that there are two editions of it, with different cover art; I’m pretty sure the interior is the same in both, though.

I always remember Kolchak hunting a killer through the deserted streets of an underground city. (It was in The Night Strangler.) I thought that was supposed to be Chicago, but apparently it was set in Seattle, which also has an underground.

Kolchak got around quite a bit. IIRC, in The Night Stalker he was a Las Vegas reporter. The Night Strangler sent him to Seattle (I’ve heard specifically so they could use the Seattle Underground for some of the locations (though I’m sure LA doubles for several, too), and the series Kolchak: The Night Stalker settled him in Chicago.



Relative to the Codex books, Jim Butcher mentioned them in the phone conversation with Cecil. He said he wrote them on a bet – I’m trying to recollect the conversation, but basically he was having a discussion with a friend about quality of writing vs subject matter. His friend dared him to write a good book about some totally trite subject, and Butcher said OK, you name the subjects. The subject his friend named was lost Roman legions and … damn, another that I can’t recollect. (I left my notes of the conversation with Ed, for when he edited what Cecil wrote.) Anyhow, From this bet came the Furies. Cool, huh?

Pokemon. The Codex books are Roman legions meets Pokemon. To quote Jim at a recent convention, “I choose you, Brutus!”

He really broke my head with that.